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Amazing > Wednesday, June-11-2008

Florida water spouts

Here's an amazing event that was cought on camera by local TV stations: two water spouts (tornados over water) formed and a helicopter was there to film them.

P.s: Look at that boat how close it came to being ripped to shreds!

Amazing > Monday, June-09-2008

Cellphone popcorn

If this is true, then we're all in some deep sh!t. Hopefully, it's just a silly prank...but if it is, it's not that funny, considering some people talk on their phones even 8 to 10 hours every day.

Amazing > Friday, May-30-2008

Crazy accordion skills

Here are some pretty crazy accordion skills from the Russian musician Alexander Dmitriev. You can't help, but look in marvel at his fingers! Amazing!

Amazing > Monday, May-26-2008

Phaesant vs. motorbike

You die when your time comes! But for this guy, it might be particularly soon, if we watch the way he rides his bike. If the phaesant hadn't been there, he would've definitely ran into that car! Oh well...eventually his luck will run out!

Amazing > Thursday, May-22-2008

Spectacular moment at the Yi Peng Lantern Festival

A truly spectacular moment captured at the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Thailand! Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, May-21-2008

Flying fish sets a 45 seconds record

This video was captured by a nature research vessel south-west of the Japanese coast. The fish flew for 45 seconds, before going back in the water, surpassing the 42 seconds that was registered in the '20s by an American researcher.

It's amazing to see evolution in action! Let's drink a beer for Darwin, because he deserves it! :hand:

Amazing > Thursday, May-15-2008

Incredible wall animation

If you've got the minutes to spare than this cool animation will certainly entertain you. It probably took a LOT of time to make, but it was definitely worth it! Enjoy!

Amazing > Friday, May-02-2008

Boomerang in space!

This astronaut demonstrates the use of a boomerang in space. I always thought that the boomerang could only work in the atmosphere of Earth. It seems that it doesn't. My bad!

Amazing > Thursday, May-01-2008

The one man army!

This guy should have been born at least 150-200 years ago when knowing how to use a weapon like this would have made him a hero (or at least Jesse James). doesn't get better than this guy. Enjoy his skills!

Amazing > Wednesday, April-23-2008

Incredibly fast hands

This kid is so fast that you can barely keep up with watching his hands move on this 30fps video. Simpy incredible!

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