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Cellphone popcorn

If this is true, then we're all in some deep sh!t. Hopefully, it's just a silly prank...but if it is, it's not that funny, considering some people talk on their phones even 8 to 10 hours every day.

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Comments for Cellphone popcorn

There could be a simple explanation...

Popcorn pops because the water in it turns to steam and a kernel is about 14% water. So, if we assume a kernel of popcorn weighs 1 gram, it has 0.13 grams of water. Heat that water from 30�C to 100�C would take:

(0.14g)*(100�C-3 to turn the water to steam requires he latent heat of vaporization, which is 2259J/g.

2259J*0.14g= 316J
for a total of 316J 41J = 357J.

Wattage = Joules/seconds. If it took about 5 seconds to turn the water in the popcorn kernel to steam, then the wattage required was:

357J/5sec = 71W assuming all power from the cell phone transmitter went into the kernel.

Cell phones typically have 0.75W-1W transmitters in them. With a 1W transmitter, it would take,

334J/1W = 334secs, if all power is transfered to the kernel.
posted by teejay at Monday, June-09-2008 16:12pm


it's a viral video campaign for a bluetooth headset and it's fake.
posted by KJ at Saturday, July-12-2008 20:30pm

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