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People getting owed.

Ouch > Tuesday, June-29-2010

How You Shouldn't Drive a Three wheeled Car

The Reliant Robin is a small three wheeled car. It can be driven by holders of a B1 category licence or car licence in the United Kingdom. Another advantage of this car is that you save 55 pounds a year on taxes. In exchange you might need a very good health insurance.

Ouch > Wednesday, February-03-2010

Bird flies too low for its own good

This bird has literally th ewhole air to fly on, but it decides to go water skimming, probably in search of food. Unfortunately it had bad timing, so it got a slap from a friendly whale. The bird seems as fine as it can be considering the situation. Ouch!

Ouch > Monday, February-01-2010

Ninja cat goes for the knock out

If you have pets, maybe you should think about bolting your LCD TV to the table. Because LCD's are so light compared to classical TVs, they are a prime target for destruction by your pet. In this case, a cat almost knocks out its master with it :) Enjoy!

Ouch > Wednesday, January-20-2010

Sea Dart rocket launch FAIL

The more complicated things are, the more likely they are to go wrong. This is a well known fact. Electronics can fail when you least expect it, and it can have severe consequences. A good example is this video of a firing of a Sea Dart rocket from a navy ship. They were very lucky that the missile's warhead fell into the sea. Enjoy!

Ouch > Monday, January-18-2010

Ice and powerful winds are not a great combination

I feel sorry for these guys, as it seems that the autorities in Russia are not cleaning the streets properly, and the result is as you can see chaos! The extremly strong wind seems to make life a lot harder for them, as it is pushes them on the ice. Wow!

Ouch > Wednesday, January-13-2010

Car drives on icy hill: FAIL

Driving on a hill covered by ice is not a good idea, even if you have all-wheel-drive traction. This video shows us the exact reason why we shouldn't try it. Enjoy!

Ouch > Thursday, January-07-2010

Spectacular rally car accident

Here an accident from a Romanian rally. The driver apparently got a flat tire, and when the rim touched the asphalt in that corner, the car rolled over and went straight over the guard rails. Big ouch!

Ouch > Monday, December-14-2009

ADAC 80 km/h crash test

This is an older video featuring on of the safest car at that time in the EURO NCAP crash test: the Reanult Laguna. The point is to see how a safe car behaves at 80 km/h rather than the usual crash test speed of 64 km/h. There is a significant difference, as you will see in this video! Enjoy!

Ouch > Thursday, December-03-2009

Chinese product testing

Here is how a normal day at work is for a Chinese dirt bike tester (he is probably also the guy who assembles the parts, and cleans the bathrooms). Great air! Enjoy!

Ouch > Wednesday, November-04-2009

Idiot crashes scooter

I am not sure if this guy stole this scooter, but from the way he looks: without a blouse and oiled up, I think he had it coming. Anyway he crashes pretty fast into that fence. Enjoy !

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