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Amazing > Tuesday, December-23-2008

Unique tee shot

Here's something that you can try while drunk with your mates. Teeing off a golf ball, off your friend's mouth. These guys tried it...Who's next?

Amazing > Friday, December-12-2008

Amazing parkour chase

An awesome parkour scene from a French movie. This chase scene is by far the most impressive I've seen in an action movie! Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, December-10-2008

Micro sculptor

Sculptures that fit inside the eye of a needle. That's what this micro sculptor does. If with the naked eye you can't see something, get a microscope, and then you'll realise how incredible this is! Enjoy!

Amazing > Friday, December-05-2008

Spectacular rally car crash

Wow. This rally driver was hard on the accelerator when he reached that jump. This made his car stray of the road and hit the trees in midair. Luckily the guy was used to it. He's reaction is brilliant!

Amazing > Thursday, December-04-2008

Russian Il-76 *almost FAILED* take-off

This video of a Russian IL-76 fully loaded cargo plane is from Australia. The airplane uses ALL of the runway to takeoff. If they had another ounce of weight...they would have made the news. Crickey, that was close!

Amazing > Tuesday, December-02-2008

Insane acceleration

Here's a cool stunt performed on the motorway. The car passing on the next lane is at legal speed, while this car is standing still. The trick? At 907 BHP this car catches up almost instantly. This Audi S4 is simply fast as heck! WOW!

Amazing > Monday, November-24-2008

Meteor caught on tape

An amazing video caught on tape of a meteor dropping hard and fast to Earth. Now you can imagine what the dinosaurs saw before the big bang. Amazing footage! Enjoy!

Amazing > Friday, November-21-2008

Amazing artistry from a 3yr old

Many of the kids that are able to this kind of stuff at this age, are autistic. Some autistic people are able to memorize libraries, and reproduce everything that they have read. Unfortunately it has some (major) drawbacks depending on the degree of the autism. But if this kid isn't...he's a genious!

Amazing > Wednesday, November-19-2008

Unicycle skills

China is renown for its gimnasts. Here is a unicycle performance that could rival those gimnasts. Simply amazing skills!

Amazing > Monday, November-17-2008

X-treme rock climbing: Goat style

This little goat can go on near vertical walls. It's narrow body allows it to have the center of gravity, very close to the wall. Just looking at what it does gives me the chills! Really extreme! Wow!

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