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Hilarious pics > Thursday, May-01-2008

When you're lonely....hold a meeting

So true...

hilarious pics: lonely hold meeting

Hilarious pics > Sunday, April-13-2008

What is funny?

hilarious pics what is funny

Hilarious pics > Saturday, April-12-2008

Win her over...

hilarious pics win her over with chloroform

Hilarious pics > Sunday, March-30-2008

Animal recycling?

When the roll is empty, do you also replace the rabbit? :-/

animal recycling

Hilarious pics > Thursday, February-28-2008

Resistance is futile

resistance is futile if ohms less than 1

Hilarious pics > Wednesday, February-27-2008

Connection reset by peer

He came...he saw...he logged out!
connection reset by peer grave stone geek

Hilarious pics > Saturday, February-23-2008

Hello Kitty M16

Hilarious pics > Friday, February-22-2008

Tattoos can be funny...when they're not yours!

Would you like to live with this tattoo your whole life? monkey behind tatoo

Hilarious pics > Thursday, February-21-2008

Geek ending

geek ending grave life

Hilarious pics > Monday, February-18-2008

Blasphemy can be funny (part 2)

Jessus Marlboro country
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