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WTF..?! > Tuesday, January-26-2010

Seriously..Tram Sledding?

You have to be out of your mind to try out something like this. From the countless things that can go wrong, I can think of a right hand turn, when the sled could go left, and hit a tram that's coming from the other side. WTF!?

WTF..?! > Thursday, December-03-2009

Chevy truck brakes into two pieces

Well, it certainly seems that they don't make them like they used to. Have a look at this Chevrolet truck, folding in two pieces when it is beeing pulled out of the ice. Granted, it might have a lot of extra weight on board due to water inside.

WTF..?! > Wednesday, November-18-2009

Star Wars beast costume

Probably one of the most intricate costumes I've seen, actually involving a robot to carry a human, so it can imitate the beast from Star Wars (tauntaun). Kind of weird if you ask me. Enjoy!

WTF..?! > Thursday, November-12-2009

Disney's Pluto is not as friendly as you think

Disneyland might be the place to take your kids, but it seems that you have to keep an eye out for Pluto, as he can get mad and chase your kid like he wants to kidnap him. WTF?

WTF..?! > Monday, October-26-2009

Another car parking FAIL

Here's another example of drivers that should never be allowed on the street. The man or woman driving this BMW X5, probably pressed the acceleration instead of the break. All this could have been avoided if he/she would have pressed the pedal easier.

Oh well, at least it made for a heck of a show! Enjoy!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, October-20-2009

Very, very bad parking skills

Can the submitter of this video please inform us of the usual driving hours of this girl so we can stay the hell of the streets at those hours? I'm not sure how someone can be so bad at parking and on top of that also leave their car in such a sh!tty way. WTF?

WTF..?! > Tuesday, October-06-2009


YouLickit!? Why? Why would you do that? Why would anyone want on his iPhone an application in which the main purpose is to likc stuff? The simple fact that someone has this application installed should drop the second hand price for that device in half. WTF?

WTF..?! > Tuesday, September-22-2009

Weird present to give to a girl

When I saw what this guy was doing, I was preparing for this video to turn into a gory one. Fortunately (for him) this didn't happen, but I guess his girlfriend can be proud was really proud of him, after seeing this video. WTF ?!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, August-04-2009

Tiger rides horse in weird circus act

A tiger rides on the back of a horse in a circus act in what looks like China or Japan. Really odd. Enjoy!

WTF..?! > Monday, July-27-2009

Emo kid smashes his PC

This guitar hero wannabe, smashes his PC after a bad day on the keyboard. He eventually smashes the wall with his PC. Kind of dumb, but what can you expect from an Emo nerd?

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