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Amazing > Tuesday, March-03-2009

The fish with a human face

This fish gives me the creeps. With that human face of his, it is something out of a horror movie. This is the second weird fish I've seen in a week, after the one with the transparent head. This one takes the cake, though! Weird :|

Amazing > Tuesday, February-17-2009

What can happen to a creek after an earthquake

It's simply amazing to see how fast a peaceful creek can turn into a roaring inferno river. About 20 seconds, that's how fast! This guy in Costa Rica was there to film it! Discovery Channel material. Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, February-17-2009

RAF aircraft near miss

What can be more thrilling than having a first person view of a collision near miss in flight of a RAF Tornado jet? These lucky pilots, will probably need a change of underwear G-suits when they get back on the ground :) Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, February-16-2009

Plane vs. Storm winds

Some powerful winds in Hamburg, made this plane abort the landing. It's going about like a feather, and only a miracle made it escape the powerful crosswinds on the runway. That's why I don't like flying that much!

Amazing > Wednesday, January-28-2009

Piano shredder

Well, usually a piano has a heavy plate made of cast iron. I suspect these guys cheated, and took it out, as I couldn't see it anywhere. Well, at least the shredder is nice :) Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, January-20-2009

Why I hate gondolas

You would probably know this as a cable car. When going on mountains or skying you'll probably ride one of these. But while, the view is beautiful, I can't stop thinking that I'm hanging on a wire. Anyway, it seems it's a pretty sturdy design, especially, after seeing this video! Scary! Enjoy!

Amazing > Friday, January-16-2009

Ant Megalopolis

Here's how big one of these subterrainean ant cities can get. It's simply unbelievable. It's like it is another civilization. Too bad now it's just a fossil, but there probably isn't another way of doing this without sacrificing the ants :(

Amazing > Tuesday, January-13-2009

The Einstein of crows

This crow can be compared to Einstein in humans. It's behavior is a brilliant adaptation to the modern city. I've seen all kinds of smart behavior in ravens, but not in crows. Anyway, what he's doing is very smart but also dangerous. Good luck with that!

Amazing > Thursday, January-08-2009

Split second decision saves this forklift driver

This guy, drives a forklift through a narrow opening, not realizing that this could be the biggest mistake of his life. Luckily for him, he had a fast response time, or he could've ended up with some serious injuries. Wow!

Amazing > Tuesday, January-06-2009

Check out the big lungs on the rooster

This rooster is way better than any alarm clock. If you can resist the temptation of turning it into rooster soup, than is. Damn! Enjoy!

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