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Amazing > Monday, July-21-2008

Amazing parking skills :)

This guy thinks his the best and can park a car like nobody can. And he is right! It will be some time until somebody manages to beat this stunt :))

Amazing > Monday, July-14-2008

No hole too small for this octopus!

Seeing nature at work is pretty much amazing! For example this octopus cand go through a 1 inch hole without braking a sweat! Wow!

Amazing > Friday, July-11-2008

Crash testing the Smart

Well..if you thought the these little tin cans are a death trap...think again. They can actually protect you waaaaay better than most old cars from the early 90's. Don't comes first!

Amazing > Tuesday, July-08-2008

Dancing with 10 bottles on the head!

Some impressive skills from this dancer: 10 bottles one on top of the other, and all on her head! Wow! Enjoy!

Amazing > Friday, July-04-2008

Incredible karate skills

Bruce Lee would probably be full of envy! This guy rocks! WOW!

Amazing > Wednesday, July-02-2008

Monster waves cought on camera

A compilation of HUGE monster waves caught on camera. Either on land or on water, nowhere is safe! Watch out!

Amazing > Friday, June-20-2008

Ants vs. Lizard

It takes just a few hours for the ants to live nothing more than the lizard's bones. Wow! Amazingly fast Probably the researcher didn;t feed them in quite some time :)

Amazing > Monday, June-16-2008

Crazy RC helicopter pilotting skills

Some crazy piloting skills from this dude. First thought it was fake...then, I saw the shadow on the ground, and il looks real alright! Wow!

Amazing > Thursday, June-12-2008

Motorbike racer barely escapes certain death

An incredible accident. The rider must've had a guardian angel, as he misses death by a few inches. Unbelievable! Wow!

Amazing > Thursday, June-12-2008

Train car loaded with gas explodes

Here's what a real explosion looks like. A train car under pressure, with vollatile gasses, catches fire and bursts into a HUGE explosion!

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