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Amazing > Thursday, September-18-2008

Sony QRIO robot in action

A fantasitic little robot, bringing the best of what robotics has to offer for the moment in one whole package. It's simply amazing! Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, September-17-2008

Spectacular bullet ricochet

Yeah, well, let's just say that this guy is now a new man, and sees life in a quite different perspective! Wow! That's just plain lucky!

Amazing > Tuesday, September-09-2008

GIANT pothole in Russia *scary*

You've probably never seen (or will see) something even close to this kind of a pothole on a big avenue. Apparently, in Russia, it is possible. It's really scary!

Amazing > Friday, September-05-2008

Lucky escape from way back in 1963

Every time I watch this video it gets more and more intense. I lucky can you be? This stuntman ran in the wrong direction when given the cue, and was so close to being ran over by a truck, that his hair might of really touched the vehicle. WOW. I mean WOW!!!

Amazing > Thursday, August-21-2008

It doesn't get any closer than this!

Two idiots decided to go past the reail tracks exactly when the train is coming. If you are faint hearted...look away, because this stunt can give you a heart attack!!!!

Amazing > Wednesday, August-20-2008

Bus flipped over by powerful winds

A tornado hit Poland recently, and this bus was too close for comfort. The winds were so incredibly strong, that they flipped the bus over with all the passagers! That's simply amazing!

Amazing > Tuesday, August-19-2008

Size of the Universe

Here's a great video showing us the relative size of things in our universe. From the atoms that make us to galaxies afar. It's all here! Enjoy!

Amazing > Friday, August-08-2008

Ferrofluid piece of art

A true artist can work with any material. Here's how this Japanese artist uses ferrofluid as a form of art, proving that high-tech and art can come together beautifully. Enjoy!

Amazing > Thursday, August-07-2008

Lightning in super slow motion

I always wanted to see how lightning finds its path to the ground. Now I get to see it! It's as beautiful and as amazing as I thought! Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, July-29-2008

Incredible military skills

Having a weapon pointed at this dude, is in no way reassuring. Just have a look at what he can do :| Simply amazing!

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