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Movie Trailer > Friday, April-02-2010

The A-Team movie - trailer

The new A-Team movie will be released soon in theaters. You may want to see it especially if you've watched the original series. The A-Team movie release dates are as follows:

A-Team release date parts of Europe: 10th of June
A-Team release date USA: 11th of June
A-Team release date Japan: 20th of August


Movie Trailer > Tuesday, June-23-2009

The Pacific - HBO's sequel to Band Of Brothers!

Credited to be on HBO from next year, The Pacific has 200 million dollars to spend. Now, that is a really good budget! Along with good actors, it just might be better than the original Band Of Brothers. Enjoy!

Movie Trailer > Wednesday, April-01-2009

Crank High Voltage Trailer

One of my favourite sequels is coming: Crank High Voltage. I think that the movie trailer says it all! FYI Crank High Voltage release date is APRIL 17th 2009 :D Can't wait! Enjoy!

Movie Trailer > Friday, July-25-2008

Punisher 2: War Zone trailer

Oh, yeah! It's true. Punisher 2 War Zone is coming. The official release date is December 2008, so we can't help but look forward to the sequel of this great movie. Meanwhile, enjoy Punisher 2: War Zone Trailer trailer!

Movie Trailer > Tuesday, February-05-2008

Iron Man trailer

Another movie inspired by Marvel comics. This time it's Iron Man. The Iron Man release date is set for the 2nd of May 2008, so it's only 2 months away. From the official Iron Man trailer, the movie seems to be action packed, appealing to the same public as Fantastic Four. Can't wait. Until then, enjoy this Iron Man trailer!

Movie Trailer > Monday, January-28-2008

Rambo 4 trailer

Rambo 4 has been launched. The question on everybody's lips is if it's worth it. Well, when you go too see a movie from the Rambo series, you pretty much know what to expect: lots and lots of action from Sylvester Stallone. Here's the trailer for Rambo 4, so you can decide for yourself, whether to go see it , or wait for the DVD.

Movie Trailer > Saturday, December-22-2007

Hellboy 2: the golden army trailer

I've got to say that Hellboy was one of my favorite movies, but the anime was even better. His wise remark were the cherry on top of the cake. I'm hoping that Hellboy 2: the golden army will be at least as good as the original. So, enjoy this Hellboy 2: the golden army trailer in HD.

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Movie Trailer > Sunday, December-09-2007

Awesome movie trailer: Jumper

To the Sci-Fi geeks out there, here is an awesome upcoming movie: Jumper. The release date for Jumper has been set to 14 February 2008 for the US. It also features one of my favorite all time actors: Samuel L. Jackson. Until then, enjoy this cool trailer!

Movie Trailer > Friday, November-09-2007

Killer Bean Forever

An interesting movie trailer, coming from an independent film producer. The guy who made also was an animator for Matrix, and he says it took him 4 years to make an 85minute movie. Well...let's hope it was worth it! Here's the trailer! Enjoy!

Movie Trailer > Thursday, October-25-2007

I Am Legend movie trailer

A fantastic trailer for a movie that promises to be a really good Sci-Fi thriller. I Am Legend is the story of the last man (Will Smith) on Earth! I Am Legend release date is 14 December 2007. Let's hope it doesn't get delayed!

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