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The one man army!

This guy should have been born at least 150-200 years ago when knowing how to use a weapon like this would have made him a hero (or at least Jesse James). doesn't get better than this guy. Enjoy his skills!

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Comments for The one man army!


Duck Hunt champion of the world
posted by Guest at Thursday, May-01-2008 14:03pm

Not to rain on your parade...

"150-200 years ago when knowing how to use a weapon like this would have made him a hero"

150-200 years ago, he wouldn't have had access to high-accuracy, low-recoil shotguns. 200 years ago, he'd have been using shot-and-powder rifles. 150 years ago, he'd be using early-model percussion-cap pistols or rifles, and maybe a prototype machine gun.

Not that it's not cool. It is. Just don't underestimate the extent to which it's dependent upon the characteristics of the firearms, rather than the skill of the handler.
posted by Brian at Thursday, May-01-2008 14:13pm

To paraphrase Bruce Lee...

..."Clay pigeons don't shoot back."
posted by leron at Thursday, May-01-2008 14:31pm

Heroes do more then be skillful.

This wouldnt make him more of a hero 200yrs ago then today. I appreciate his skill and it is nice that he shows them off, or maybe competes in sports with it.
However the situations he can use these skills in a really heroic(rather then skillful) way are very few.

But again, i do admire the skill, but its not heroic.
posted by Jasper at Thursday, May-01-2008 14:45pm

Yeah but...

what can he do with pistols akimbo? ;)
posted by Yogi at Thursday, May-01-2008 14:54pm


I'm no expert but it seems like it would be easier to hit skeets you'd throw yourself, because they'll be moving away from you in a straight line. I'd like to see this guy nail 8 of of them that were shot from a cataplut 50 feett to his right.

Still, even with a little showmanship overstating the case, dude has skills.
posted by scarabic at Thursday, May-01-2008 15:01pm

Recoil reduction

The reason he's able to fire with such accuracy is because he's wielding a
Berreta Xtrema2 with very low recoil. Give him an old fashioned shotgun and he sure couldn't pull off the same stunts.
posted by Mattias at Thursday, May-01-2008 15:19pm

Recoil reduction faggotry

"The reason he's able to fire with such accuracy is because he's wielding a Berreta Xtrema2 with very low recoil." - fail.
you get an F-. why do you think he's wearing a vest the that has WINCHESTER written all over it? does the giant fcuking WINCHESTER billboard in front of his table give you any clues? he's shoots a winchester sx3. it's an evolution of the the original browning a5 action. best semi auto shotgun, bar none. i own an sx2. btw, i've owned 1100's, 11-87's and benelli's and i'm not going back.
posted by lolcakes at Thursday, May-01-2008 15:41pm

People are haters

Yeah its only because blah blah, I bet he couldn't do that if blah blah, I'm doing nothing cool with myself in my life so I am gonna criticize someone else while I should be working and talk about how what they are doing is just whatevers. And of course you are all obviously experts thats why he has a video and your just commenting on it, Im sure your comments have nothing to do with an inner self hatred of yourselves that you fail to as they say and good day!!! :D
posted by StoPtHehATe at Thursday, May-01-2008 15:58pm

Total HAter

He was shooting those things from, like, 10 feet away! I don't know if any of you know anything about shot-guns, but it's not very hard to miss a target, especially from a distance like that! my gawd!
posted by john oliver at Thursday, May-01-2008 16:16pm


He saved my entire family from a midnight ninja attack. The man is a true hero by any definition.

Yep, technically, by any definition.
posted by Johnny Obvious at Thursday, May-01-2008 17:21pm


I think of it this way... If he can blast a clay pigeon that accurately, five man-sized targets would be no problem - even at a reasonable range.

He's showing off sport shooting, but in a clutch situation, I'd hate to be on the other end of his shotgun.
posted by MajesticJG at Thursday, May-01-2008 17:32pm

f***ing aimbot.

f***ing aimbot.
posted by Some one at Thursday, May-01-2008 17:45pm


can i practice that with a rocket launcher?
guys, stop arguing! just get yourself a nuclear bomb!
posted by lee at Thursday, May-01-2008 18:29pm

Untitled my ass

"I'd hate to be on the other end of his shotgun."

Perched on the other end of his shot gun is the safest place to be.
posted by Bob Holness at Thursday, May-01-2008 19:18pm


he's hacking
posted by Guest at Thursday, May-01-2008 19:31pm

Berreta Xtrema2

Yeah, my bad. I wasn't thinking. I'm no gun faggot anyway. However, this video is what I based my assumption on. He's got skills too.
posted by Mattias at Thursday, May-01-2008 19:44pm


hell, that's nothing. google Byron Ferguson and watch the man shoot aspirins our of the air with an ARROW.
posted by jasontimmer at Thursday, May-01-2008 20:40pm


heres byron shooting a quarter and a lifesaver out of the air from about 20 yards back with a longbow
posted by jasontimmer at Thursday, May-01-2008 20:50pm

Words about stuff

He's using buckshot not bullets. They spread out and blanket a target area. It's why he doesn't have to fire 10 bullets to take out 10 targets.
posted by Words at Thursday, May-01-2008 20:53pm

Stop talking about guns if you know nothing about them.

All kinds of s*** flying around about "Oh, the shot spreads out! It's so easy!"
It doesn't work that way. Yes, there is some spread, but at the ranges he's firing at, the spread isn't that big.
And advanced shotgun or not, the man has skills.
posted by Elandur at Thursday, May-01-2008 22:15pm

Only one thing

It sure looked like when he was done he laid the gun on the table with the muzzle facing the audience.
posted by Jason at Thursday, May-01-2008 22:18pm

Hey man, nice shot

Git - r - done!
posted by funnyguy69 at Friday, May-02-2008 01:45am

To those who say he's using buckshot


Buckshot at 20 feet is not going to spread out like the movies. The guns have chokes. chokes keep the pattern of the buckshot tight. So tight that you still have to aim. Only very short (ie illegal) sawed off shotguns spread out wide at short ranges. Now, if you truly knew ANYTHING about guns you'd know all of what I just said. Put down your xbox 360 controller and read a book dumba$$es.

One more thing - You all smell funny too.
posted by GunRunner at Friday, May-02-2008 01:52am

Sawed off is a handgun...

... and all you need do to be legal is to INFORM ATF that the previously serial numbered SHOTGUN (Long Gun) has since been modified. It will then be regulated as a HANDGUN. The only illegal thing about the procedure, is not filing the form.

Regardless, this guy can shoot better than all of us.
posted by buckshot at Friday, May-02-2008 03:30am


can anyone appreciate a show for what it is? he's showing off, who gives a flyin f*** about the rest? just sit back, and enjoy the show ^-^
posted by ... at Sunday, May-04-2008 08:15am


wow brian you're a pedantic bastard
posted by anon at Monday, May-05-2008 10:31am


more than likely skeet shot not buckshot but still impreseve :D
posted by mark at Monday, May-05-2008 16:00pm


Obviously it's photoshopped.... :wall:
posted by HaterCreator at Monday, May-05-2008 19:18pm

Eiste oloi malakes kai ton paizete

Eiste oloi malakes kai ton paizete. O typos einai gamias
posted by Ellinaras at Tuesday, May-06-2008 21:43pm

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