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Amazing > Monday, November-10-2008

11,000 feet in the air with pary balloons

You can try this at home kids (NOT!). If jou have 600 balloons sitting nearby :) Anyway I would have to say it's an impressive stunt! Enjoy!

Amazing > Friday, November-07-2008

A garage in heaven

Probably this is how a dream garage looks like. Probably, the cars have different owners, and are there for safe keeping. But the sight is truly amazing! :| So many super cars...except for that Beetle :|

Amazing > Friday, October-31-2008

Buggati Veyron vs. McLaren SLR

Why is the Buggati Veyron so special? Well here, in this video, you'll find out for yourself! It simply looks like the McLaren SLR is standing still! Maybe the Caparo T1 can challenge this beast. Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, October-29-2008

Cirque du Soleil - crazy trampoline action

These guys really know how to put on a good show. It's actually better than movies! Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, October-27-2008

What kind of energy can you get from solar power?

Well, in theory, massive amounts. Finding a way to store it, is still the biggest problem. But to properly visualize what a tiny amount of the energy that the Sun gives to Earth can do, here's a demonstration of a solar furnace melting a piece of steel in seconds. Now that's impressive!

Amazing > Friday, October-24-2008

Condition 1 in Antarctica

Well you've got to be crazy to go out there in such conditions. Wait untill she opens the door, and you'll see what I mean. Crazy weather out there!

Amazing > Wednesday, October-22-2008

Parachuting mishap

Here's an interesting parachute accident: the guy's chute opens in the airplane door, and he gets entangled on the tail section of the plane. Luckily it all ends well, but it could've been much worst. Love his friends for bailing so fast :)

Amazing > Friday, October-10-2008

That was stupid!

Hey, wanna see something amazing? Watch this stunt/magician nearly getting killed. Good for him! If he planned it this way or not doesn't really matter. The replay says it all...

Amazing > Tuesday, September-30-2008

Spectacular tornado touchdown

Here's a spectacular landing of a tornado. Too bad that it wreck's a house while on the ground. But nature is both violent and beautiful.

Amazing > Monday, September-22-2008

Mercury Thiocyanate

This is some impressive stuff. Rumor has it that you can buy this at fireworks stores. Anyway, I've never seen something like this. Really cool! Enjoy!

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