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Tech > Wednesday, December-16-2009

Why winter tyres are important

Many people don't see the need for winter tyres because they are ignorant thinking that on ice it won't help them anyway. Well, it isn't true, as you can see in the next video winter car tyres do help!!! At least have some decent All-Season tyres, but this would be a worst case scenario. Anyway, enjoy this thorough test, and remember to equip your car with proper winter tyres!

Tech > Tuesday, May-20-2008

Amazing imaging technology from Microsoft

Soon with this technology, it will be possible to see every detail in a picture. Simply amazing! Respect!

Tech > Thursday, February-07-2008

Kung-Fu Dancing Robots

Another robot demonstration, but with added music this time, making this video one of the coolest robot demonstrations I've seen since the beer launching fridge, even though that doesn't actually qualify as a proper robot. :)

Tech > Sunday, January-06-2008

Snow clearing robot makes snow bricks

This little Japanese robot is simply amazing. It clears up the snow on the road or any paved surface, and spits it out as snow bricks. It's really useful, especially for building an igloo at the North Pole. Plus it's guided by GPS and video cameras. Pretty high tech!

Tech > Friday, December-14-2007

VMware Fusion ...seamless Windows integration into Mac

VMware is a virtual machine solution which allows you to run an OS on top of another OS. So it's like a PC in a PC. But VMware made the next step with Fusion for Mac. Now the applications can be taken out of the virtual machine, and integrate perfectly with the Mac's OS X. Now imagine this feature on linux! If they will adapt it for it, it's going to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in linux technology yet! At least for the normal desktop user!

Tech > Tuesday, December-04-2007

Homemade BioDiesel

Yes. This is true, you can easily make biodiesel at home and use it with your existing diesel car. It will actually run smother, and lubricate your engine, thus extending its life. In Europe, biodiesel is already available mixed with regular diesel. Anyway, lets hope that US will take note!

Tech > Tuesday, November-27-2007

The ultimate human exoskeleton: Sarcos

You can probably remember a Japanese project that we featured similar to this one. If not, here is the link. Anyway this one is more advanced, and probably still largely classified in the way it functions. But yes, it opens the way to some of the greatest Sci-Fi robots you've seen on TV and dreamed about. It's now possible even to make the famous exoskeleton loader we've seen in "Alien".

Tech > Monday, September-24-2007

Amazing new car suspension from Bose

This fantastic new active car suspension has amazed everyone. Not only that you don't feel speed bumps and hard corners, but you can do some "tricks" if you want to. Have a look at the demonstration video and see for yourself!

Tech > Tuesday, September-11-2007

DIY homopolar motors

According to wikipedia, the homopolar motor was the first ever device that managed to produce rotational movement from electromagnetism. It was first built and demonstrated by Michael Faraday in 1821. Here are a few examples of these types of motors, that you can do at home!

Tech > Tuesday, September-04-2007

"Chaos" autonomous robot

This little robot has a very big heart. In these two videos it pulls a Hummer, and climbs some stairs with a human on its back. The secret to all this torque, is transmitting the power to the ground through those 4 independently moving tracks which help a great deal. The other problem I see is the battery, because I don't think you can do anything with it after any of these cool little tricks.

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