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Amazing > Tuesday, April-22-2008

Ain't nothing as sweet as this!

Wow. You haven't lived until you've seen a massive railroad storage tank, getting instantly crushed by outside pressure. Let that be a lesson to you kids: if you have hot gas in a sealed container, make sure you've properly sealed it!

Amazing > Saturday, April-19-2008

Extreme ship ride

Here's a good reason why cruise ships aren't as popular as they once were! Look at this huge ship going up and down with the waves, and hitting the sea hard. REALLY HARD!

Amazing > Wednesday, April-09-2008

Flying with 600 helium balloons

An incredible achievement: Flying with 600 helium balloons at an altitude of 11,000 ft (4km). It's wonderful to be at that altitude without any noisy engine! Amazing!

Amazing > Monday, April-07-2008

DO NOT get this close to a tornado!

Well, what may seem obvious to some, for these guys isn't. If you voluntarily get this close to a tornado, then you are definitely missing a nut :| No comment!

Amazing > Sunday, April-06-2008

Riding the train like sardines

Damn! This video is from way back in 1991 in Japan. It's almost incredible to see how people could actually take the train in these conditions. Even canned sardines have more comfort :|

Amazing > Sunday, April-06-2008

Amzing musical performance

This guy has some amazing musical skills. He's able to sing some oriental tunes using nothing more than a Coca Cola bottle and a tambourine. Really amazing, because of the quality of the music! Enjoy!

Amazing > Saturday, April-05-2008

Airplane refueling gone wrong

Here's a classic example of what can happen when an airplane tries to refuel in the air. Pretty dangerous stuff!

Amazing > Friday, April-04-2008

Biggest smoke ring ever!

Apparently the smoke ring was created after the military exploded some ordinance in a show for the public. It's really amazing! Cool!

Amazing > Wednesday, April-02-2008

Long odds

What are the chances of someone making a basketball go through the loop 3 times in a row...from the other side of the playing field? Would you bet on it?

Amazing > Wednesday, March-26-2008

Aircraft hits wall at 800 km/h

Well...for those of you curious to see what happens when an F4-E Phantom fighter jet hits a wall at 800km/h, this video is a dream come true! Slow motion included! Enjoy!

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