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Boomerang in space!

This astronaut demonstrates the use of a boomerang in space. I always thought that the boomerang could only work in the atmosphere of Earth. It seems that it doesn't. My bad!

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Comments for Boomerang in space!

There is air

There is obviously air in the shuttle or else that astronaut's would die. There is a lack of gravitational force inside the space shuttle, but assuredly there is oxygen for them to breathe.
posted by Patrick at Friday, May-02-2008 10:59am

No Air!!!

C'mon, you guys. Stop being so hard on the poster.
Maybe there was no air. Maybe the astronaut died immediately after conducting the boomerang experiment.
It would totally be worth one lousy astronaut to find out. :o
posted by cousinavi at Friday, May-02-2008 14:09pm


yep. clearly no air in there. Amazing that the man is moving around.
posted by smarter than you at Friday, May-02-2008 14:10pm

Chris Brown

I think just because chris isn't there there is "no air" how can I breathe with "No air" oh if only I could make a hit on my own thats "no air" I mean no fair.

Love and kisses,

P.S. Did you see me touch his face on idol, OMG it was so cool
posted by Jordan Sparks at Friday, May-02-2008 14:32pm


I didn't see any air in there either.
posted by RT at Friday, May-02-2008 14:45pm


There is no air in the ship, there is a mixture of gasses which has been designed to be a suitable supplement for the astronauts. It is an artifically designed enviroment, air is used to refer to the natural gas found on earth not gas in general.

Either way it is a silly mistake
posted by ^^ at Friday, May-02-2008 15:32pm

Re: Smarter than original poster

Think's? You're certainly not helping the cause...
posted by Antoine LeMar at Friday, May-02-2008 16:10pm


Newtons 4th law says any object in the absence of earth air is free to move so long as it's in contact with space air. Thankfully the ISS has lots of space air. Space air makes traveling to the moon difficult because it just makes stuff float and annoy you.
posted by professor at Friday, May-02-2008 16:26pm


Actually the boomerang would come back in "outerspace"

There is no such thing in this galaxy as a perfect vacuum, there is approximatly 1 hydrogen atom per cm cubed in space.

The boomerang turning effect would take place, but it arc would be around 100,000 miles and take a good few years to return

posted by Guest at Friday, May-02-2008 17:16pm

It's only possible when...

You reach 88mph...i'm sure the ISS has a flux capacitor as well. Hope this clears things up.
posted by Chris at Friday, May-02-2008 18:31pm

To be fair...

He may have been confused, seeing as how there's an Air 'n Space Museum.
posted by Muckluck2000 at Friday, May-02-2008 19:39pm


Yep, that's a special kind of "airless" boomerang. That's also a special kind of "airless" astronaut.
posted by Tito at Saturday, May-03-2008 02:10am



I fear for the future of our country.
posted by pk at Saturday, May-03-2008 02:42am


The guy's laying on his back so of course the boomerang returns! He could throw a lead cube and it would return! It's a space shuttle mock-up so of course there's no air in there - he's on Earth! There's no air on Earth! Boomerangs don't exist! Astronauts and moon missions are a lie! Oxygen is a liberal global warming conspiracy! Shuttles only go from my parking space to the airplane terminal - they don't go into space!
posted by An on; why? Mousse! at Saturday, May-03-2008 10:03am

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