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WTF..?! > Wednesday, November-12-2008

Parking space trouble

Two women wanted the same parking space at a popular shopping center. The driver of the red car went berserk when her place was taken. Look what happened!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, November-11-2008

Woman drives through garage door

I don't know what she was thinking, but she did it on purpose. She drives her BMW X5 through that garage door. If stupidity would hurt, she would be screaming right now! WTF?

WTF..?! > Wednesday, November-05-2008

Biker crashes freshly bought bike

He is just able to get it out of the dealership, when he screws up big time. Damn fool!

WTF..?! > Friday, October-31-2008

Stupid crash

A speeding idiot, was not paying attention to the road. Look where it got him. Two bad for the guy he rear ended :(

WTF..?! > Friday, September-12-2008

Some people aren't meant to drive!

Just can't understand what in the world is the person at the wheel trying to do? It simply blows my mind. Is he/she drunk or just plain stupid? Really, wtf?

WTF..?! > Friday, September-05-2008

1 Big Mac = 1 Bite

Ah...what would the world be without this homemade record? Probably just a better place.

WTF..?! > Thursday, September-04-2008

Patience really is a virtue

Look at this stupid moron, for a good example of what you should never do! I like the fact that after his passenger bails out, he just drives off... Jeez, that was a stupid stunt!

WTF..?! > Monday, August-25-2008

What car you should buy your mother-in-law

Here's a comparison test between regular cars and Chinese cars. There's even a big Chinese SUV. Sure, your mother-in-law will feal safe in it, but wait till she hits something at 20mph. It could even be considered as premeditated murder :D

WTF..?! > Monday, August-18-2008

Death wish

This guy probably has a meeting with Death. He just missed it this time, but I'm 100% sure that he won't die of old age if he keeps pulling this kind of stunts. I'm still amazed he didn't flip his bike over, after seeing him wobbling it like that!

WTF..?! > Wednesday, August-13-2008

iPhone 3g reality vs. advertised

It seems that speed is not one of the qualities of the new IPHONE 3G. So before you buy it, maybe you should stop and think if it's not going to bother you that it's a little sluggish. See this video for a real-world example of the operational speed of the Iphone 3G!

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