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WTF..?! > Wednesday, February-11-2009

Another car-train near miss

Don't people ever learn? Didn't they see on TV what happens when a train hits a car? WTF? Are you in such a hurry that it makes sense to risk your life for a few seconds? Well...this guy certainly dodged a bullet. It's incredible!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, February-10-2009

Man cheats death

This guy is dumb enough to jump over the rail crossing barrieres without even looking. This was such a close call that the train actually clips his shoe! :| doesn't get any closer than this. The guy didn't come back to get his shoe, though :)

WTF..?! > Monday, February-09-2009

Extreme train riding

Here are a couple of Russian teens who ride a train in a different style: under it! Now this may seem dangerous, but that's only because it is :doh: I only hope that someone catches them before they end up as minced meat somewhere between two train stations :| Enjoy!

WTF..?! > Friday, January-30-2009

Nerds acting like they're in WoW

WTF is wrong with these people? Are they mad? Or are they simply too nerdy to realize how lame what they are doing is. Lightning bolt...FTW :) Enjoy the circus!

WTF..?! > Friday, January-09-2009

What's up with this guy?

WTF? Is he stupid or just faking it? No, really, I need to know because I'm bewildered :|


WTF..?! > Wednesday, January-07-2009

RoboCop loves fried chicken? Oh, Really?

What does Japan, RoboCop and fried chicken all have in common? Well it's this weird commercial! WTF?

WTF..?! > Monday, December-29-2008

This will scar you for life

Well if something is going to leave a psychological mark on your future, than something like this will...It's definitely the most embarrassing thing I can think of, that can happen to someone!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, December-23-2008

The man with the chair won't see something like this anytime soon. I didn't see it coming until it was too late. Anyway, it's a "strong" and unique performance. Enjoy!

WTF..?! > Wednesday, December-10-2008

Stupid driver gets what he deserves

Can you guess what happens when this drivers takes his hands of the wheel BEFORE crossing the finish line? Geez...

WTF..?! > Thursday, November-13-2008

Women and cars...

A dumb woman, reversed her car into the pump of a gas station. Then, wanting to push the brake, she actually stepped HARD on the accelerator. The resulting damage is in this video to be seen by all...WTF!?

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