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WTF..?! > Wednesday, July-15-2009


5$ to who guesses what the heck this is :D When you give up, you can look inside the post for the solution :D

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WTF..?! > Wednesday, July-01-2009

Weird looking form of life?

It looks like something you would find in the human body, but from the video it seems that it's inside a sewer. If it is real, then it might be an extraordinary find. Big if, tho :|

WTF..?! > Monday, June-22-2009

3yr old man's a power shovel

Well...this is by far one of the craziest things I've seen in a while: letting a kid man a big power shovel and other industrial equipment. It's not like he can't, it's just a problem of what he can do if he is left alone or unsupervised. That is the issue, IMO. Anyway, this is crazy!

WTF..?! > Thursday, June-04-2009

Freakingly long tongue. Job ideas anyone?

Well, I think some of us can see a carreer opportunity for this guy. If he can free his dating schedule, that is! :D Anyway, way to go young dude!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, June-02-2009

Drunk Russian tries to ride his bike

Here's a fail of big proportions: a Russian guy, drunk out of his mind, stubernly tries to ride his bike. Enough to say that he ends up pantless and on the ground. Pathetic!

WTF..?! > Thursday, May-14-2009

Oh sh!t: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

A straight to DVD release featuring the famous Lorenzo Lamas. I can't understand what the producers were thinking when they created this movie. Amongst the weird stuff there's a shark eating a passanger airplane (yes, it can jump that high), an octopus which can destroy fighter jets with a swing of its tentacle, and the shark (again) which takes a bite out of San Francisco's bridge (I think). Anyway...bring on the beer and I might just watch it. :(

WTF..?! > Wednesday, March-25-2009

A stunt rider nicknamed "Legz"

So...what's so special about a stunt rider who's nickname is Legz? Well for once: he ain't got any! Legz that is! This is from a movie that's about to release soon, but I'll be damned, if somebody's getting me anywhere near it. It ain't funny. Just stupid.

WTF..?! > Wednesday, March-11-2009

The cat of your nightmares!

Simply the ugliest cat in the World! Guaranteed! Holy f***! :|

WTF..?! > Tuesday, February-24-2009

Begging bears

They probably don't feel humiliation, 'cause all they want is the food. And they found a means to get it. It's sad for us, to see them like that, but they look like they have a good life. Anyway, what's up with this zoo? Why are they letting the bears beg for food?

WTF..?! > Thursday, February-12-2009

French flash mob?

Yes..but not as funny as their Japanese counterparts. I feel sorry for the store owners...the place looked like exactly like after a party. Brutal flash mob, eh? Sad!

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