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WTF..?! > Sunday, September-09-2007

I don't know what to say about it, maybe you could enlighten me :D

WTF..?! > Friday, August-17-2007

UPS delivery service. LOL.

Note to self: don't use UPS for delivery of fragile goods! :wall:

WTF..?! > Monday, July-16-2007

Singing squirrel video

Here's what's missing from the music video business: a singing squirrel. But fear not my good friends, because a band looked after you, and brought what you desired: the freaking singing squirrel!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, July-10-2007

11 year old drunk driving

Here’s something you see once in a lifetime on TV: a police chase which stars an 11 year girl at the wheel, drunk as heck. I wonder for how long she was grounded….

WTF..?! > Sunday, July-01-2007

A new meaning to the term "scared shitless"

This guy wasn't so eager to bungee jump from the beginning, but what happened next gives an all new meaning to the term "scared shitless"! And on Holland national TV!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, June-19-2007

A good Ferrari 360 Modena goes to waste

Some guys simply don't know what to do with all their money and how to show off more. It's not enough nowadays to have a've got to make a limo out of it apparently!

WTF..?! > Monday, May-28-2007

Baby on steering wheel

Here's a video that would make Britney Spears feel like the best mother in the world! Damn idiots! :wall:

WTF..?! > Saturday, May-19-2007

Dude reaches level 60 and goes crazy

It looks like he finally achieved his dream. He'll never be the same again. Literally!

WTF..?! > Saturday, May-12-2007

Angry lion tries to attack zoo visitor

Some moron decided that a zoo lion was sitting to quietly with nothing to do, so he decides to torment it. Of course, the visitor is behind safety glass (he's not that stupid apparently) and filming the whole time. Just watch that big angry lion jump!

WTF..?! > Wednesday, May-09-2007

Polar bear tries to attack girl dressed like a seal

Ok...You need a bachelor's degree to come up with this "smart" idea. A cute Japanese girl is dressed like a seal to attract a real polar bear, near it's enclosure... it's no wonder that the end of the video finds her scared and crying...

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