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WTF..?! > Friday, May-04-2007

Spelling Bee champ is way too enthusiastic

Rebecca Sealfon, is the '97 spelling bee champion. Just watch her get way too enthusiastic about winning it. I bet that when she looks back on this, she's really proud. Lol.

WTF..?! > Thursday, April-05-2007

Midget in knight`s armor

One of the weirdest things I've seen in a long while. Someone got the bright idea that it would be cool to dress up a midget in a knight's armor and make her walk in it guiding a horse. Inevitably she falls down a couple of times....Just watch!

WTF..?! > Sunday, March-18-2007

Indian Superman and Spiderwoman

After seeing the Japanese Spiderman: Toei Spider-Man I though I've seen it all. Well, as always, there comes something that tops it. This time, it's straight from Bollywood: the Indian version of Superman and Spiderwoman. It's something really different. Have a watch :|

WTF..?! > Saturday, March-17-2007

Steve-O Freaks Out On French Television

What can I say? I think that the footage speaks for itself. Steve-O, the popular character from Jackass, must've been on drugs or something. I just can't understand what was he thinking?!

WTF..?! > Monday, March-12-2007

Girl Eats 6 Rolls Of Toilet Paper A Day

Some may say that she needs the fibers, others that she's a complete nut job. Whichever the case the only problem that I see is where the heck does she get the time to eat those 6 rolls of toilet paper every day?

WTF..?! > Friday, March-02-2007

Pelican eats a live pigeon

I know that the animal kingdom is a strange place, but this takes the cake. It just ain't right!

WTF..?! > Wednesday, February-14-2007

Did you know that humans and dinosaurs coexisted ?

At least that's what the evangelists say! No comment!
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WTF..?! > Tuesday, January-30-2007

Crazy frog brothers video

Two brothers trying to imitate the crazy frog video. Pay attention to the guy in the back, with the red shirt. He's hilarious. Enjoy (or not) the crazy frog brothers video !

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WTF..?! > Saturday, January-06-2007

Girl eats insect video clip

I guess the world is big and there are some f*$%@# up people out there. I mean this girl eats a bug (praying mantis) thinking that she'll make people go to church....WTF?? How stupid can you be to think that? That poor insect doesn't have a fault that she's dumb.'s not the pretty site, but, here is the video of how the girl eats the poor insect .

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WTF..?! > Wednesday, December-20-2006

Train crashes into truck

Well it seems that this stupid truck driver decided that he has time to pass and that a train crashing into his truck is a minimum risk. He didn't take into account the traffic, of course. As you would expect, the train crashes into the truck, creating a domino-like effect with the other cars in traffic. Enjoy this train crash video.
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