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WTF..?! > Tuesday, May-27-2008

Chinese suicide wagon

Here's a simply incredible video of a crash test of a Chinse truck at 64km/h into a solid wall. The video speaks for itself :o

WTF..?! > Monday, May-19-2008

Mortal Kombat feat. Superman and Batman

Here's a silly mod on Mortal Kombat, with added superheroes. This video shows Batman vs. Superman and their fatalities. It's fun to watch if you're 12, otherwise it's just a waste of time at work! :)

WTF..?! > Sunday, May-18-2008

Rocket scientists shoots AK-47 with the gun on fire

I was really waiting for something bad to happen to this guy: for example, the bullets in the loader to heat enough and shoot everywhere. But it seems he got lucky :| Redneck - Natural Selection 1 - 0

WTF..?! > Sunday, May-11-2008

Police officer fired for being fat

I agree that this police officer was unfit for working on the field, but in my opinion they could've put him on a desk job and that would satisfy all parties involved!

WTF..?! > Tuesday, May-06-2008

Can you guess who'll be making the news tommorrow?

You're right! It's this guy! I can hear it now: "Young adrenaline addict loses leg to a white shark" OR "Young surfer looking for a cheap thrill was eaten by a bunch of angry looking whithe sharks" :|

WTF..?! > Sunday, April-20-2008

When road signs are worthless

Yup! He probably missed the road sign telling him that he won't make it under the bridge. The result? Well among the weirdest I've ever seen :|

WTF..?! > Thursday, April-17-2008

Ugliest bird. EVER.

Ever, EVER! No really it looks like somebody shaved it on purpose just to play a prank on friends. Only one thing...can we see it fly? :wall:

WTF..?! > Saturday, April-05-2008

167 pound barber's hairball

This barber, gathered for 50 years while practicing his job, a 167 pound hairball. What is he going to do with it you ask? Well, aside from getting his name in the Guiness World Record book...I have no idea! Enjoy!

WTF..?! > Friday, April-04-2008

A tribute to Denmark...

Today's WTF moment comes from's a song, a tribute actually, to the Danish people. Although I'm sure they say some interesting stuff...but jeez...what a video :|

WTF..?! > Thursday, March-06-2008

.60 caliber hand gun dumb can you be to shoot such a gun? That's why rifles were invented, right? Idiot + big ass gun = certain death. He got lucky...this time!

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