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Funny > Tuesday, August-11-2009

Cat opens the food jar

A smart cat manages to open the food jar by itself. Funny or not, I think that the owner should get a bigger jar, so one of those cats doesn't get its head stuck in it :) Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, August-04-2009

Teen gets served by guy in a dog costume

In a weird, allegedly not staged, dance fight, a man gets his a$$ kicked by some guy in a dog costume. Props to the dog and his mad dancing skills. Enjoy!

Funny > Thursday, July-30-2009

Dangerous stampede

Two very very cute videos, with a bunch of puppies stampeding around the house. Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, July-29-2009

Car headstand stunt miss

This guy tries a headstand on car's trunk. He fails miserably. Just watch and enjoy his epic fail!

Funny > Monday, July-20-2009

With Love, Chester.

Here's a dog that can properly mark his territory: instead of peeing in one spot, he develops a method of peeing on the whole sidewalk and the street, in one continuous flow :D Enjoy!

Funny > Thursday, July-16-2009

One squirrel, one cup :D

A squirrel managed to get its head stuck into a yoghurt cup. Hilarity follows.

Funny > Wednesday, July-08-2009

Drinking milk while standing on your head

Is this even possible? Well in case you were wondering, yes it is possible, but it's hard to beat gravity apparently, as this dude found out. After seeing him start drinking the milk, you can skip to 1:02 where the fun is :)) Enjoy.

Funny > Wednesday, July-08-2009

Cute cat wants attention

This little spoiled cat wants all the attention, and is going to great lenghts to get it from its owner. Really funny and cute, especitally if you are a cat owner. Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, July-07-2009

Animal thiefs

A funny compilation of zoo animals and pets stealing food from people, even if the food is almost in their mouth. Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, July-06-2009

Weird but cute Malaysian owl

This is the Malaysian eagle owl. It looks really creepy at first, but as you will see it is a really cute and gentle animal. Really funny little critter! Enjoy!

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