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Funny > Thursday, January-14-2010

Pet squirrel likes being a cat

Here's a little squirrel that thingks he's a cat. He is very active, and I guess he can give you a headache when you just want to rest. Anyway, it's a cute squirrel, but the video is 9:49 seconds too long :D Enjoy it anyway!

Funny > Tuesday, January-12-2010

Warthogs vs lions

Apparently more warthogs kill lions that vice-versa. Did you know that? I didn't. Well, here is a funny video, proving that warthogs are really feared by the big cats.

Funny > Friday, January-08-2010

Lizard proving an egg??

Watch this lizard try to eat an egg...the problem is that after making me watch his twenty-something failed attempts the poster of the video decided not show me the lizard's victory move!!! WTF? Seriously, wtf?

Funny > Friday, January-08-2010

Andy Roddick interview at the zoo gets rudely interrupted

One of the most hilarious videos I've seen these last couple of months. While the famous tennis player Andy Roddick was giving an interview at the zoo, two koala bears decided it was time to get it on!

You have to love their timming and the fact that a third koala bear was just standing there watching the whole thing :D Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, January-05-2010

Woman bails out from car skidding on ice

I don't know why this woman felt that jumping from a moving (although out of control) car onto the ice covered asphalt will be less painfull than staying in the car and maybe hitting something at less than 5 km/h. least it makes for a good laugh! Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, December-28-2009

Guy stops thieves with a bicycle

Incredible but true. A really upset man, seeing a burglary take place, decides to stop the two thieves on the motor scooter by throwing his bike at them. Really courageous and efficient as well. Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, December-16-2009

A Snuggie for your neck?

It's a bird, it's a plane!? No! It's a Necky! An interesting idea, however the commercial is lame!

P.S. I guess it would at least make a "great" Christmas present :)

Funny > Tuesday, December-15-2009

Kittens riding a vacuum cleaner

Here are a bunch of kittens riding happily a Roomba vacuum cleaner. They seem really unaware of what's going on. Enjoy :D

Funny > Tuesday, December-15-2009

Awesome Taco John's commercial

What could be more interesting than a monkey dressed as a cowboy riding a dog? Nothing I tell you! Nothing! It's a commercial that you cannot forget even if you try! Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, December-08-2009

Remi Gaillard in Pac-Man

Remi Gaillard does it again. He doesn't care about who will get hurt, or what the consequences will be! He just does it. Here's how he plays real-life Pac Man in a supermarket and a few other locations. Enjoy!

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