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Funny > Thursday, October-22-2009

Ye old mirror prank

This is an old prank, that's still pretty impressive. Enjoy!:)

Funny > Wednesday, October-21-2009

Kid cannot get out of skate bowl

This kid gets himself into a situation that he is unable to het out of: the modern day equivalent of the kid who has fallen into a well. It is actually a skating bowl, which for some reason does not seem to be equipped with any "escapes".

Funny > Monday, October-12-2009

Amusing CCTV footage from Samoa

Well, not that a tsunami is something to joke about, but this video is quite amusing. Fast forward it to 1:00 and watch that guy going through the parking lot, and what he does. Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, October-06-2009

Interesting commercial

Here's an interesting commercial from Asia. The ideea is really unique, and ingenious. Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, September-29-2009

Goble Goble Goble!

A hilarious video with a bunch of (wild) turkeys in America scaring and chasing away some Indian people. Interesting enough everybody is running from these birds, although they can pretty much flip the coin on those aggressive soon-to-be home cooked meals:D

Funny > Monday, September-28-2009

Cat watching cat on Youtube

Since I started this day by posting a cat video, let's make it a full Caturday by adding this one. It's pretty amusing to see a cats reaction to a Youtube video. Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, September-28-2009

Little jumping kitty

Here's a kitty that apparently doesn't like people pulling the carpet from under its feet, and jumps like a kangaroo when someone does that. Very amusing! Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, September-22-2009

Teletubbie mod for Left 4 Dead

I guess this is something everybody was dreaming of doing to the Teletubbies, but just didn't have a good way to do it. This mod gets 5*!

Funny > Tuesday, September-22-2009

Football fan executes penalty

This video comes directly from Russia. A very excited and probably drunk football fan, takes the opportunity to enter the playing field, and while nobody was paying attention, he executed the penalty strike...and scored. Pretty unique and hilarious! Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, September-09-2009

Cat goes ballisitic after falling into bathtub

Young kitty, demonstrates why curiosity is not always a good thing :D Simply hilarious! Enjoy!

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