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Funny > Monday, November-30-2009

iPhone glued to the sidewalk

It's kind of an old joke, but it seems to work apparently. People seem a bit confused after trying to lift the iPhone off the ground and misteriosly fail. Some are even violent about it. Anyway, enjoy this popular prank.

Funny > Tuesday, November-24-2009

Hard corner at Galatasaray - Fenerbahce

It's pretty hard to kick a ball when a lot of drunk fans keep throwing beer at you :) Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, November-23-2009

Crackhead chases laser pointer

No, it's not Caturday yet, but it seems that you can get a crackhead to chase a leaser exactly like a cat on Caturday :D Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, November-23-2009

Science comedian?

Here's something you don't see everyday: a science comedian. Basically what he does is tell science jokes (duh!). What's most interesting is that they are actually quite funny! Brilliant! Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, November-18-2009

10 do's and don'ts in a toilet

If you didn't figure out this stuff for yourself already, then here is a video list of 10 do's and don'ts for a men's toilet. EVER! Enjoy :D

Funny > Monday, November-16-2009

How to properly clean your mouse balls

Here is a hilarious video material from a local TV station probably from some while back on how to clean and maintain your computer's mouse, and properly clean its ...ahem...balls. I really don't think this was a joke for them, as they don't even smile for one moment. Enjoy the hilariousness!

Funny > Wednesday, November-11-2009

The great Panda jailbreak

Looking more and more at this escape, I tend to think they planned their escape: one is keeping the keeper busy, while the other makes his getaway. In the end both of them bust out, proving that they are smarter than a Chinese zookeeper. Brilliant! Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, November-04-2009

Caturday cat boxing

These two little cats are taking it on round after round and won't stop until one of them is knocked out. Enjoy the fight!

Funny > Thursday, October-29-2009

If at first you don't succeed...

Here's a footage from Chine with a boy that tries to get into the school late at night. Luckily for us, the cameras caught the hilarious attempt. Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, October-26-2009

Hilarious prank from Remi Gaillard: THE BAT

This guy is a genious when it comes to pulling pranks and doing stupid stuff. You can compare him with The Jackass crew and the Annoying Devil. I am really looking forward to seeing more pranks from this guy. Enjoy!

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