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Funny > Tuesday, February-16-2010

Porta-Potty prank

Here's a funny prank about a floating Porta-Potty. Enjoy :)

Funny > Monday, February-15-2010

Praying mantis vs. mouse cursor

This is what I like about the praying mantis: it won't give up no matter how long it has to wait. It tries to make a meal out of that mouse cursor. Pretty funny (for us) :)

Funny > Wednesday, February-10-2010

Remi Gaillard in a Pizza Prank

Remi Gaillard's pranks are borederline crazy. That's what probably makes them funny. In this one he dresses up as a Ninja Turtle and pranks pizza delivery guys. Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, February-10-2010

A good safety rope!

Probably one of the biggest fails ever. Failing while giving a lecture on how not ot fail /:) "That's why a good safety rope is essential". Yeah we can see that :))

Funny > Monday, February-01-2010

More cleanning with less work

I agree that this is true only for moving sidewalks, but still it's pretty darn funny. :)) Enjoy the little video!

Funny > Wednesday, January-27-2010

Brilliant timing

This shot is the definition of luck. It's pretty hard to get right...maybe once in a hundred tries, or more. Anyway props to the guy for getting it on film. Also, the guy that's hitting the ball is not a good golfer, as he would have missed anyway apparently. Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, January-26-2010

Human 0 - Spyder 1

This guy is trying to catch a huge spyder. Unfortunately for him, the spyder has been trained by nature to handle noobs like him. Hilarity ensues when the guy starts yelling like a woman :D

Funny > Tuesday, January-19-2010

Why you shouldn't driver your car on ice

This gus drivers his Land Rover Defender on lake ice. Unfortunately for him the ice wasn't as thick as he thought. We have to hand it to him for trying, and for almost making it across though. Now he has to winch the car out of the lake. It will probably be fine :) Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, January-19-2010

Tree cutting FAIL!

Didn't any of those geniuses over there think of removing the care BEFORE the tree falls down ?? Lol. That's what you get for not thinking with your head :)

Funny > Thursday, January-14-2010

Hitler doesn't like Jay Leno going back on The Tonight Show

Did you know that Hitler hates Jay Leno? I didn't! Apparently he's upset with Conan O'Brien being replaced by Jay Leno. Enjoy the parody!

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