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Funny > Monday, July-06-2009

Birthday parties mishaps

Here's a pretty old video, you've might of seen before: it is a compilation of hilarious birthday party mishaps. Only the best are here. Enjoy!

Funny > Thursday, July-02-2009

Sticky situation

A reality video, probably from Russia, showing a pretty sticky situation. The road is getting reworked, and the asphalt or tar that is in place is so sticky that pedestrians remain stuck as insects on fly paper. I just can't stop laughing at the mayhem! Enjoy!

Funny > Thursday, June-25-2009

Hilarious pranks from Russia

When teens are on a trip, pranks are usually the norm, but this video is beyond that. There are some rough ones, but mainly these pranks are hilarious. Enjoy the show!

Funny > Thursday, June-25-2009

If Star Trek was real...

I consider this video a far more realistic version of Star Trek than the series itself. You have men and women on a ship, away for months, with both of them in tight....very tight uniforms. I guess it's just a matter of time before something explodes :D It's really hilarious. Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, June-24-2009

Why women hate football

A funny commercial, showing more or less why women don't like football that much. Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, June-24-2009

Huge vase becomes a cat urn

We don't know what eventually happened to the cat, but it was either break the vase or turn it into a cat urn. I know it's morbid...but that can't isn't very bright, and is a shame for its species.

Funny > Tuesday, June-16-2009


This is the whack-a-mole version for cats: whack-a-mouse. Funny thing is, this cat seems to really enjoy it! Great fun! Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, June-16-2009

Tazered while on helium

A couple of teens with too much free time, and with despereate need of a haircut, try to see what it's like to get tazered and scream like hell while on helium. It's really funny, to see them hurting each other and screaming! Enjoy the show!

Funny > Monday, June-15-2009

Baboon carjacking

The title, kind of says it all, really. The conclusion: don't let a baboon near your car!

Funny > Friday, June-12-2009

Is this a cat or a slinky?

If you have ever played with a slinky down the stairs, then you will see a striking similarity between the funny object and this hilarious, spoiled cat. Anyway, it's funny :) Enjoy!

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