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Funny > Tuesday, September-08-2009

Pulling G-s

Here's a funny video that shows what it's like to pull 5-6 Gs, so that your body ways 800 pounds. This guy found out the hard way, but then again I don't know if he was wearing a G suit. Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, September-07-2009

Wii Knockout

Here's a hilarious video that will surely go viral if it hasn't already. Enjoy!

Funny > Thursday, September-03-2009

Crazy lawnmower

Here's a funny video (probably a commercial) where a guy gets pwned by his lawnmower. Very funny! Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, September-02-2009

Ingenious cat shower

This little cat enjoys getting its head wet. It was probably just thirsty. Cuteness alert! Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, September-02-2009

Bumper cars in Portland

Here's how in one winter, the people in Portland found themselves playing bumper cars but with their own cars. Enjoy the show!

Funny > Tuesday, August-25-2009

Chicken building nest out of tissues

A funny video of a chicken building its nest out of tissues. Weird and funny. And by the way...who has a chicken as a house pet? :|

Funny > Monday, August-24-2009

Cat 0 - Aquarium 1

This "smart" kitty tries to pounce on a fish which is happily living in an aquarium. It goes without saying that the cat fails. Have a look to see how :)

Funny > Tuesday, August-18-2009

Drunk Russian

A drunk Russian man seems to have a problem with trees. He just wants to kick their a$$. Unfortunately, all he does is make a giant fool of himself. Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, August-17-2009

Idiot with a boat

This guy is the perfect example of an idiot. While showing off his boat he manages to get in teh water and almost get injured by the propeller. The result is pretty hilarious and well deserved :D Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, August-17-2009

Cat vs. Lizard

This lizard (still :D) has guts. It courageously takes on this wild looking cat. Props to the lizard!

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