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Funny > Tuesday, June-09-2009

Watch out for the tents

Do you know how to properly fix a tent? Maybe you should learn so as to not end up like these hippies. Gret concert, dude!

Funny > Thursday, June-04-2009

Sign language hilariousness

I have no doubt, that the sign language in use here is fake, but it sure makes for an entertaining watch! So...keep your eyes on the translator! Enjoy!

Funny > Monday, June-01-2009

Sleeping piglets have a good musical ear

This lot of piglets seem to love the music, and to show their satisfaction, a flapping of ears is in order. Who needs visualisation in Winamp, when you have them? Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, May-26-2009

Little pygmy jerboa 

This little animal is a clean freak. He just needs to clean his little dirty tail. His name might be Spanisg for little hoping mouse :) Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, May-20-2009

Call of Duty PWNAGE

This has got to be on of the funniest game kills of all time. From Call Of Duty World at Wat. That's why I don't play FPS games online with 7yr olds. Enjoy!

Funny > Tuesday, May-19-2009

Remi Gaillard's kangaroo

Remi Gallard. This guy is France's version of the Jackass crew. He is brilliant in his rudeness, but he really makes you laugh. I haven't seen something funnier in a week or two. Hilarious!

Funny > Monday, May-18-2009

Cat in a fish bowl

This cat wants to get into a fishbowl really badly. And if it once to, it will succeed. Hilarious!

Funny > Thursday, May-14-2009

Everybody get down! That blonde is shooting an Ak-47

A Russian girl gets the opportunity to shoot one of the world's most popular weapons: the AK-47. You have to wait a little for her to start shooting, but the reaction from the camera guy alone says everything!

Funny > Wednesday, May-13-2009

How to NOT cut down a tree

Worried that the tree that grew up crooked in his front yard might fall on top of his house, this man calls up a contractor. Of course, he looks for the cheapest one available. Can you guess what happens? :))

Funny > Tuesday, May-12-2009

Funny prank of the day

Seems to me that this funny prank is a variation of the Japanese version: 100 men flash mob....which in my opinion is also a little funnier. Enjoy!

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