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Funny > Monday, May-11-2009

Mouse trap fails miserably

It seems that in this case the mouse's courage pays off. The mouse trap proves to be just too old to handle the challenge...and BTW the ending is hilarious! Way to go Mr. Mouse :)

Funny > Wednesday, May-06-2009

When good bananas go bad

Here's what happens in a Mall when a banana mascot decides it's time for some payback for all those times it was made fun of! Hilarious video. Enjoy!

Funny > Wednesday, May-06-2009

Moth vs. Girl : FAIL

A girl gets pwned by a moth. Is this even possible? Apparently so: the girl tries to squat the moth by throwing a shoe at it...Of course, the shoe she throws comes back to hit her in the face. FAIL!

Funny > Tuesday, May-05-2009

Oil spill causes chaos on the race track

This is an old video from a Superbike race from 1999, but it's funny to see how a little oil spill on the track can put down the best riders! Anyway...bad marshals. Enjoy the show!

Funny > Friday, May-01-2009

One very drunk squirrel

This little squirrel didn't notice that the pumpkins it was eating were actually quite fermented. The alcohol in those pumpkins made it quite "nutty" :)

Funny > Tuesday, April-28-2009

Jumping off a building in bubble-wrap

Yeah, I'm calling fake on this one. You can spot it a mile away, through the awkward trajectory. Somehow, I feel this is not the end, but rather the beginning, as it won't take long for someone to actually try this for real and post it on Youtube :)) Can't wait!

Funny > Tuesday, April-21-2009

Umm...I like that!

This cute little furry creature (slow loris) is actually an endangered specie. It is acutally illegal to own one. That said, it's one of the cuteste things ever, and simply loves to be tickled. Very cute! Enjoy!

Funny > Thursday, April-16-2009

Peeing on the golf course? Not anymore :)

A hilarious commercial, to a "very special" golf club, that is probably missing from your set! Don't hesitate! Buy it & try it out right now! Enjoy! :D

Funny > Tuesday, April-14-2009

Hilarious police chase

A woman (probably crazy) got on a chase with the police. Hilarity ensues as she slides past them, almost mocking them on purpose. Really funny! Enjoy!

Funny > Thursday, April-09-2009

Crazy racoon sticks his hand where it doesn't belong

Here's a nutty racoon, who is very hungry for some treats. Lucky for him, this time there was a real treat waiting for him. I would have replaced the treats with a mouse trap. Made for a better show :D /evil Enjoy!

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