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People getting owed.

Ouch > Tuesday, February-26-2008

Toughest man alive!

Wow. You've got to be one tough son of a [email protected]# to take on such blows. In my mind, this man deserves the title of toughest man alive! Not for the faint hearted! Enjoy!

Ouch > Sunday, February-24-2008

120 seconds Ouch compilation

Laughing at the expense of other people's pain may seem sadistic or mean, but whatever your opinion, you can't control yourself at the next video. Pain can be funny! Enjoy!

Ouch > Saturday, February-09-2008

Bradley crushes Iraqi's car

Well, I know it's a war zone in Iraq, but the Americans will not be loved more, if they do this kind of thing often. I understand that they can not stop for anyone because of the great attack risk, but they could at least get a horn, and honk it when entering an intersection :| Does insurance cover being run over by a tank? :think:

Ouch > Tuesday, January-29-2008

Coconut breaking record doesn't seem like much at first, but there's a catch! The guy brakes all the coconuts with his elbow!! I find that a hit to the elbow is amongst the most painful hits you can take. I wouldn't try this for any amount of cash! Ouch!!

Ouch > Sunday, December-30-2007

Skinny girl vs. Desert Eagle

Wow. If you want to see something go bad, give a first timer a .50 caliber Desert Eagle to shoot, and then close your eyes. This is exactly what happens in this video. Ouch!

Ouch > Wednesday, October-10-2007

Amazing live train crash

Here's a train crash as seen through the cabin of the locomotive. I counted 3 red lights the train passes through, and you can constantly hear the brakes engaging. It's probably a brake failure or the speed when they entered the incline was to great for it to stop in time. Ouch!

Ouch > Wednesday, October-03-2007

Artillery gun KO

Something tells me that this guy missed the training session of artillery firing where they tell you never to sit behind the gun. Bet he'll never forget it again, especially after this rib braking experience!

Ouch > Sunday, September-30-2007

When magic goes wrong

When magic tricks go wrong the results can be the most painful. Here are two such accidents...not for the squeamish!

Ouch > Friday, September-21-2007

Worlds's most shocking plane crashes

This video is a compilation of spectacular airplane/helicopter crashes, including some 9/11 footage.

Ouch > Monday, August-20-2007

Insane motorcycle accident

It took place this weekend at the Czech 250cc Grand Prix at Brno. The guy ended up with two ribs broken and a broken pelvis. But I guess it could've been much worse. Ouch!

The crash I'm talking about is the second one, so wait for it!

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