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People getting owed.

Ouch > Monday, November-02-2009

Audi Q7 vs. Fiat 500

In physics mass matters most. This is why a 2.5 ton Audi Q7 obliterates a 1.2 ton Fiat 500. Also, the height difference plays an important role too, because of the position of the crumple zones. Anyway, there should be some kind of legislation to make cars "compatible" between each-other on impacts :|

Ouch > Monday, November-02-2009

A missed jump on the ski slope

Here's what can happen if you go looking for extreme thrills on the ski slope. Enjoy!

Ouch > Thursday, October-22-2009

Drunk driver in action

A very drunk driver (in Russia) seems to be set in destroying everything around him, and is doing a pretty good job at it, too. I think his neighbours will be very anxious to have a "talk" with him :D Ouch!!!

Ouch > Tuesday, September-22-2009

Crazy car accident in Japan

Here's a crazy car accident that happened in Japan on Kasumi bridge. It just goes to show, that it is impossible to predict what's going to happen next, and even the most boring/normal situation can turn into a disaster in a fractions of a second. Luckily, nobody was killed here!

Ouch > Thursday, August-13-2009

When beer is wasted...

Two unloading mishaps because of which there is a giant amount of beer spilled. Such a waste! :(

Ouch > Thursday, July-30-2009

Subaru WRX spectacular crash

A spectacular rally crash, resulting in seven spins. This guy must be lucky to be alive. Ouch!

Ouch > Wednesday, July-29-2009

Painful Prank

One of the most painful pranks you can probably think of. The dog is keen on catching the laser light. Guess where this dude puts it? Ouch!

Ouch > Tuesday, July-07-2009

Revenge of the bulls

Portugal and Spain, seem to be a little masochistic, as the people love to be punched, thrown around and knocked out by bulls. In this video compilation, it seems that the bulls are having a great time, kicking the hell out of stupid people. Good for them :D! Enjoy!

Ouch > Tuesday, May-12-2009

Chinese car crash test part 2

Well...this video has been around for a few days. I thought I should put it up as well, just to enforce the importance of safety ratings. Without them we wouldn't have this kind of information about cars. For example, we now know that Chinese cars ar a piece of [email protected] Here's the proof:

Ouch > Monday, May-04-2009

Physiscs in action

This boy was probably thinking that there will be several more years before he'll be learning physiscs. are never too young to learn it the hard way. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Enjoy the ouch!

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