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People getting owed.

Ouch > Wednesday, October-15-2008

Damn! That smarts!

In retrospective, it wasn't the best of ideas, was it dad? Now you can all go home and laugh about this...after you stop the kid's nose bleeding that is! :|

Ouch > Wednesday, October-01-2008

A real pain in the...

Here's a lessson in physics and one in "knowing when to stop" all bundled into one video. The teacher for this lesson is a lucky but somewhat stupid young man. Enjoy!

Ouch > Monday, September-15-2008

A really good joke

This must really hurt. I bet he'll remember this one for a while. Poor guy. And his good friend is laughing as hard as he can while the camer is rolling. Damn! >.<

Ouch > Thursday, September-04-2008

Young teen apparently got enough

Lol. It looks like some people really know when they should stop. Anyway, after thrying that stunt twice, his brain came back to its senses :))

Ouch > Friday, August-29-2008

At least he was wearing a helmet...

Yeah, like that was gonna stop him from being in serious pain. I really enjoyed watching this! Stupid!

Ouch > Tuesday, August-26-2008

Darwin Award for the day

This guy decided it was time to have a farking near death experience! Good thing his friends were there to film it, otherwise it would just have been in vain!

Ouch > Thursday, August-14-2008

Longboarder painful wipe-out

An idiot in a Jeep decides to teach a lesson to these kids going on their longboards on the street. Granted, they shouldn't be allowed do this kind of thing on an open street, but also the guy in the Jeep is a total moron!

Ouch > Monday, July-28-2008

Drive-through diner

This local diner has been transformed in a drive-through in just a matter of seconds. Luckily nobody got badly injured!

Ouch > Friday, July-11-2008

Sometimes stupidity does hurt

You could probably say that natural selection works just like we see in this movie...and you would be right! Look at this guy setting himself and half of his house on fire! Geez!

Ouch > Friday, July-04-2008

Bmx fails stunt rider

From a bmx to a unicycle, faster than you can say ouch! Ouch!

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