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Celebrities > Saturday, January-13-2007

Elisha Cuthbert video clip

This Elisha Cuthbert video clip is a compilation of sexy scenes from her movies. Finding the scenes for this video clip seemed not to be a problem, as Elisha Cuthbert played in top movies such as The Girl Next Door (very hot), House of Wax and Love Actually. She is definitely one of the hottest actresses out there. Enjoy this sexy Elisha Cuthbert video clip.

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Celebrities > Friday, January-12-2007

Jennifer Aniston video clip

This Jennifer Aniston video clip is actually a gallery of sexy pictures with Jennifer Aniston. It doesn't matter if you aren't a fan of hers, with this video clip, you can't go wrong. Enjoy, this sexy Jennifer Aniston video clip.

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Celebrities > Tuesday, December-26-2006

Jennifer Hewitt sexy movie clip

This sexy clip is from the movie Heartbreakers (2001). Jennifer Love Hewitt looks as sexy as ever in this clip. Enjoy, and check out our Sexy category for more.
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Celebrities > Friday, December-22-2006

Jessica Simpson in see-through dress

Jessica Simpson in a see-through dress at Hollywood premier. I think that Jessica isn't the first celebrity to show up in a see-through dress in public, but she's very sexy so just watch and enjoy;)
Also check out our Sexy clips category for more. ;)
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Celebrities > Thursday, December-21-2006

Shakira in Bikini Video Clip

This is a video clip photoshoot of a young Shakira in Bikini in 1993. Shakira has been well known in Latin America since she was 13. Enjoy Shakira in bikini, as she's a very sexy babe.
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Celebrities > Sunday, December-17-2006

Jeniffer Aniston does a beer commercial

I think it's a first for Jeniffer Aniston. Not sure though. Anyway the ad itself isn't very special except for Jeniffer's round "behind" ;)
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Celebrities > Friday, December-15-2006

Paris Hilton & Jessica Simpson Working at the Car wash

Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson star in this sexy music video, working at the car wash. Enjoy!
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