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Sexy > Sunday, September-21-2008

2008 Halloween sexy costumes

If you're looking for some 2008 Halloween sexy costumes, then this video is for you. The sexy models posing for Fascination this year, really do a great job in showing off the costumes. It just happens, that for the 2008 Halloween sexy costumes photo shoot the girls are scorching hot, and that you are watching this video ;) Anyway, just sit back and enjoy this 2008 Halloween sexy costumes photo shoot!

Sexy > Thursday, June-19-2008

Sexy Russian girl in Triumph commercial

Here's a sexy Russian girl, Irina Shaykhlislamova, doing a hot commercial for Triumph in Japan. You can't understand a word from the commercial, but who cares :D When you've got such a sexy Russian girl to stare at :) Enjoy this sexy video commercial!

Sexy > Sunday, June-01-2008

Kingfisher's calendar 2008 sexy photo shoot

A sexy video photo shoot from behind the scenes of the Kingfisher calendar 2008. The models are sexy, the scenery is beautiful, but unfortunately there's no music. Anyway, you might want to jump to the middle of the video, because that's where the girls are ;) Enjoy the Kingfisher calendar 2008 photo shoot!

Sexy > Sunday, May-18-2008

Regan Reese sexy video photo shoot

A very sexy video photo shoot with the model Regan Reese. To tell you the truth, she's not my type with the tattoos and stuff. But I'm sure, others digg this stuff, so enjoy the hot video photo shoot of Regan Reese!

Sexy > Saturday, May-10-2008

Petra Verkaik, the Playmate legend!

Petra Verkaik is one of the legendary sexy Playmates from Playboy magazine in the late 80's. Today, she's still holding out very good. This sexy video is a tribute to her, and all she has done for Playboy! Enjoy this sexy Petra Verkaik video!

Sexy > Thursday, April-24-2008

Victoria's Secret 2005 Christmas show

A very sexy video, a present for the 2005 Christmas from Victoria's Secret. The girls are wonderful, the lingerie suits them beautifully, and for the men in the audience it's a great Christmas surprise! Enjoy this hot, Victoria's Secret 2005 Christmas show!

Sexy > Tuesday, April-15-2008

Genevieve Howard sexy video photo shoot

A very sexy video photo shoot with the hot model Genevieve Howard. This video shows us the beauty of a day around a gorgeous looking model. Who wouldn't want to photo shoot her? Well...enough talk...enjoy this sexy video photo shoot of Genevieve Howard!

Sexy > Tuesday, April-08-2008

Sexy supermodel Lila Rose video photo shoot

A very sexy video photo shoot with the model Lila Rose in hot lingerie. Lila is one of the hot models out there, looking for an opportunity to become famous. Well, here's an opportunity for her to be noticed and for us to enjoy on of the hottest models out there in this sexy video!

Sexy > Sunday, March-30-2008

FTV Hot 2008 Supermodel Calendar

A very hot FTV video, showing the making of the 2008 FTV Supermodel Calendar. Hot FTV girls, beautiful dresses, superb locations! All these combine make this a very sexy FTV photo shoot video! Enjoy!

Sexy > Saturday, March-22-2008

FTV's hot girl, Alison Angel

Alison Angel is one of the sweetest FTV sexies. Unfortunately (for her :) ) she became a nude model, to the delight of her fans probably (mostly men). This video simply blows me away at how sweet she can be. Enjoy, one of FTV's hottest girls: Alison Angel!

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