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People getting owed.

Ouch > Friday, June-27-2008

The young and the restless

Some people are actively looking for trouble. This young teen, thought he would impress his mates by knocking the sh!t out of a concrete fence/wall (they're segmented, and we have them in my country too). Guess what? The fence fought back! Lol. Moron!

Ouch > Monday, June-23-2008

Why Segway didn't catch on

Well, everyone expected Segway to be the next thing after the bike. But somehow, it wasn't! Why would that be, I wonder?

Ouch > Friday, May-23-2008

15 million dollars go down the drain

That's aproximately how much 12 Formula 1 cars involved in this accident ar worth. This happened in '98 at Spa Francorchamps. Too bad that they removed Spa from the F1 schedule for beeing unsafe :( Anyway, enjoy this little piece of history!

Ouch > Saturday, May-03-2008

Dude vs. Kite

Dude...I don't know what kind of kite you're flying, but it's definitely cooler than those I was playing with, when I was young. Too bad yours has a BIG drawback! Like OUCH!

Ouch > Thursday, May-01-2008

Fire and weddings don't mix

Every time I see a video with a celebration and fire, it's clear to me where it's heading and how it's gonna end. I only wish people could see this before it happens, and take measures against it!

Ouch > Sunday, April-20-2008

Bungee rope brakes

Could've ended badly if below would've been concrete, or if the bungee's length would've been smaller. But it's only sheer luck the guy didn't have a scratch and knew how to swim :| Wow!

Ouch > Thursday, April-17-2008

Flex Ladder

Flex Ladder is one smart ladder. As you guessed, it flexes! But you need to lock it in place. Firmly! Very firmly! Lol.

Ouch > Saturday, March-29-2008

Guy jumps from a building into the pool

This guy is definitely missing a few marbles. Damn! He nearly missed the pavement, and even from the force of the splash I'm really sure it hurts! Ouch!

Ouch > Friday, March-28-2008

Amusing ouch compilation

I don't understand why, seeing someone get hurt in all kinds of stupid ways, has such a primordial laughter effect on us. But, laughing at other people's mistakes seems to make us feel better about ourselves :)

Ouch > Thursday, March-13-2008

Airbag K.O.

Although cars are pretty safe nowadays compared to the recent past, you still get freak accidents like this one. Well...he was asking for it! :)

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