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People getting owed.

Ouch > Wednesday, April-22-2009

RC plane vs. 737 near miss

When you think of a toy RC plane you don't think as it can do much damage...But how about this: Load it with some explosives, and turn it into a flying IED. It doesn't take much to do this! this video the guy flies the RC place on purpose towards the 737, but gets caught up in the jetwash...this time!!

Ouch > Thursday, April-16-2009

Avalanche caused by snowmobiles

I think this happens pretty often: some guy with a snowmobile decides to go plowing through the snow without any regard to what might happen. Here's one of these examples, of what can go wrong. No info on whether they made it or not! Ouch!

Ouch > Monday, April-13-2009

Crazy and unpredictable car accident my opinion the fault is with the driver who wants to make a left turn, and with the smart boy who decided to stop all traffic just to let the guy coming from the side street turn left, not thinking of the potential risks involved. Of course, an argument can be made, that it was a dangerous overtaking, although the guy was crossing a dotted line and had enough space for the maneuver.

Ouch > Monday, April-06-2009

Excavator gets hit by train

A big loader was on the tracks, while the Amtrak train kept coming and signaling. Unfortunately, the loader didn't clear the tracks on time, and was hit by the train. Luckily, the hit was only to its rear, so the driver probably escaped with a scare and a need to change underwear. Enjoy the first person action!

Ouch > Tuesday, March-31-2009

Propane truck explosion

A propane pick-up truck was caught on CCTV camera, exploding in a parking lot. The driver, tried to stop it, but just managed to escape with his life. The inevitable explosion happened a few minutes later!

Ouch > Monday, March-09-2009

Ultimate adrenaline rush

Some people need an adrenaline rush. Some get it from the most dangerous places. Like this guy, who decided he wanted to sit in front of a charging bull with a video camera. Guess what happens? Yeah, it's like a scene from "Aliens". Ouch!

Ouch > Friday, February-06-2009

Parkour amateur gets it wrong

WTF? Is he mentally impaired? I mean, really, you could see from a mile away that it was going to end badly :|

Ouch > Thursday, February-05-2009

Simply put: Bad Idea

So, where do you get the idea to toss a bowling ball from a running car onto a ramp? It's a bad idea in so many ways. Here's why :)) Enjoy :D

Ouch > Tuesday, February-03-2009

Truck accident

Well, if that truck would've had ESP (yes, ESP is available in trucks also) then it probably wouldn't have skidded out of control like that. Safety should be above everything. Slow the F down!

Ouch > Tuesday, January-27-2009

Crash with a Lamborghini LP640

This guy was dumb enough to try out his brand new Lamborghini on the streets of London, but he didn't take into account his lack of experience and that illumination pole he crashed into. Luckily for him he has enough money to fix it, and the engine is in the back :)

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