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People getting owed.

Ouch > Wednesday, January-31-2007

Cutting branches the painful way

Here's how to cut a branch from a tree the painful way. You need:
1. a ladder
2. a saw
3. (most important) a dumb as f#@# friend to help
Knock-out guaranteed!

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Ouch > Wednesday, January-31-2007

Jackass 2 riot control mine video clip

For those of you who didn't get to see the Jackass 2 movie here is one of their crazy stunts from the film. The Jackass crew take on a riot control mine. Ouch!

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Ouch > Thursday, January-25-2007

Rubbing alcohol + fire = pain

What was this guy thinking? Didn't he know that Rubbing alcohol on your body and setting it on fire isn't a good idea?. As some guy said: "Natural selection must be sleeping". Word!

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Ouch > Monday, January-15-2007

Spud gun video

The kid in this video tried to shoot a spud gun but eventually ended up with a kick to the groin. So, kids, don't try to shoot a spud gun at home, or you won't have children :)

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Ouch > Sunday, January-14-2007

Stupid drunk on water slide video's a no-brainer that a drunk man and a water slide usually don't go well together. But, as you will see in the video nobody warned this stupid drunk guy that it's not a good idea to go head-first on what seems to be a super market water slide. :| All I can say is ...OUCH...
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Ouch > Sunday, December-31-2006

Napalm fire video clip

These guys decided that there wasn't enough adrenaline in their life, so they took a canister of gas threw it on top of some dry wood and lit it on fire....the only problem was that things didn't turn out as they wished...
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Ouch > Monday, December-18-2006

Jump from the top of the roof - Piledriver

If stupidity would hurt, then these guys would be yelling in pain. Oh, wait a minute...they are yelling in pain. Those morons decided to jump from the top of the roof, one on top of the other. It's called a piledriver (or is it pile driver?)
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Ouch > Wednesday, December-06-2006

F-18 Fighter plane vs. One Bird

At take off an F-18 dual-seat fighter plane hits a bird. Fortunately the pilots manage to eject just in-time, but the plane and the bird didn't make it.
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Ouch > Sunday, December-03-2006

Sneaky drivers

There seems to be a common point between drivers all around the world. Whatever the country there will always be some that think they can outsmart everyone and get away with it. Here you can see exactly this kind of behavior: Drivers trying to pass through barrier-pillars in Manchester, England. All I can say is: OUCH! Damn pillar!

Also check out this Road Intersection in India. It's stunning.
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Ouch > Monday, October-30-2006

Angry white boy compilation

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