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People getting owed.

Ouch > Saturday, August-11-2007

Funny, yet painful MXC eliminations

It's a video compilation with top eliminations from a show called MXC. I'm not familiar with it, but it seems to dub a Japanese Banzai-style show. Anyway, it's very funny, and the commentary is hilarious! Enjoy!

Ouch > Saturday, July-21-2007

Truck crushes into car at full speed

On an interstate in America, a cop pulls over a car. The driver doesn't stop on the right-most side of the road but somewhat on the first lane, making it a matter of time until an accident happens! Ouch!

Semi Crushes Car As It Pulls Over - Watch more free videos

Ouch > Wednesday, July-18-2007

Tour De France 2007 dog accident video

Tour De France 2007 contestant meets the asphalt, after a light minded Labrador thinks he can cross the road whenever he feels like it. Luckily neither the dog or the cyclist didn't suffer any serious injuries. Too bad for the bike, though!

Ouch > Sunday, July-08-2007

Golf ball K.O.

Look at this guy trying to show off to his friends what a great golfer he is. Yeah right. Have a look at what happens when he tries to shoot some golf balls into the ocean! Ouch!

Ouch > Saturday, June-30-2007

Lucky redneck

This guy tried to shoot a .50 caliber M107 sniper rifle in a piece of metal. What he didn't expect was that the piece of metal would ricochet back and hit him in the head! Luckily he had protection...ear protection :|

Ouch > Monday, June-25-2007

When common sense fails...

Well..if you don't realize that firing a shotgun at crotch level is gonna hurt, then I guess that you deserve not to have kids. It's called natural selection! Ouch!

Ouch > Thursday, June-21-2007

Weird Champ Car accident

Here's another weird accident, this time in the US Champ Car. You don't see this every day! Watch what happens in the second part! Ouch!

Ouch > Sunday, June-17-2007

Police chases and tasers stoned kid

Maybe some could learn from the weekly chases in the US, But apparently this guy doesn't watch because he's too busy getting stoned. And look where it got him...tasered by the cops!

Ouch > Monday, June-11-2007

Incredible crash of Robert Kubica in Canadian GP 2007

On Sunday, the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix took place. On lap 38 a terrible, but lucky, accident took place on the track, with Robert Kubica being the pilot of the F1 car. It was announced only today that he in fact escaped with only a minor leg injury! Incredible!

Ouch > Saturday, May-26-2007

Track worker gets hit by race car

This track worker decided to take a shortcut at the wrong moment. The result? Multiple fractures! Ouch!

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