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Cool > Saturday, January-22-2011

How to instantly peel a potato!

If this is true, then it is probably one of the main discoveries of this century. If you can live with all the planning of having ice, ready, putting the ice in a bowl, and learning this technique, then I guess you will save a few hours in your life. Otherwise, just enjoy how cool this method is!

Cool > Monday, June-28-2010

Summer Holiday Activity - Rollerblading

It's summer, the sun is shinning and you are on holiday. Wondering what to do? Here's a suggestion...

Cool > Sunday, June-27-2010

Can the iPhone 4G withstand a .50 cal bullet?

In case you were wondering last night if the new iPhone 4G can take a massive .50 cal bullet, then this video comes to provide the answer. Skip the guy's annoying laugh at the beginning to see the action. Still, the question remains: why the heck would they do that? Enjoy!

Cool > Saturday, June-12-2010

Stop-motion Mario level in paper origami

Some students probably had a lot of time on their hand or were part of an art/video class and did this cool and impressive Mario level in origami. You have to think that every frame needs you to reset Mario's position and that of the turtle/enemies. was worth it as it gives a pretty impressive result. Enjoy!

Cool > Monday, May-24-2010

DIY race car simulator

It seems that Russian engineering strikes again. This guy (who seems to be Russian) managed to build a homemade race car full motion simulator. It looks very nice, and I'm sure all you games out there would kill for it. Sweet!

Cool > Monday, May-10-2010

Extreme walking?

So Jesus allegedly walked on water. So what? That's not hard to do! Look at this hippies, who seem to be able to produce little miracles of their own. Meanwhile it seems that they just invented a new sport, that could be called eXtreme walking. Cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Saturday, April-03-2010

Anvil throwing FTW

So what can make a better hobby than throwing anvils in kilted costumes? You are correct: nothing compares to it. Enjoy the madness :)

Cool > Sunday, March-21-2010

NASA flight over Mars

Well, it is not actually a real flight, but rather a computer generated graphic simulation of how a flight would look through Mars's canyons. It has accurate landscaping up to 1m for heights and 0.25m for details. So...I guess this is the closest you'll ever get to flying on Mars in this lifetime! Enjoy it!

Cool > Monday, February-08-2010

World's smallest working gun

Measuring only 2cm in length, these guns are in working condition and fire blank cartridges. They are appreciated by collectors wordwide...and I can see why. They really are a piece of fine crafting. Very cool! Enjoy!

Cool > Wednesday, January-27-2010

Very cool, yet simple black and white animation

The ending of this beautiful animation is especially nice. One of the best short-animation ideas I've seen in a long time, that has also been put into practice very well. Enjoy!

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