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Big in Japan > Saturday, January-22-2011

McDonald's commercial in Japan

Well the last thing McDonald's came up with in Japan seems to be a Spunju Babbu commercial - Sponge Bob for the rest of us. And wow...did they turn on the tap to the crazy.... Just look at this kids freak out when the Sponge Bob straws start talking. Pretty strange for us, but probably a normal commercial in Japan. Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Sunday, March-21-2010

Japanese toilets are dangerous!

Can a cleaning toilet launch a person into the air? No! Can you modify it so it throws him out of the ballpark? Well, the response is in this Japanese version of the Mythbusters! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Wednesday, January-20-2010

Dominoes with animals !?

It is a well-known fact that while Japanese game shows are popular, they are as strange as one can imagine. is probably strange for us, but for them it is normal TV. Here is a weird idea...watching animals bump into dominoes, and calling it "a show" :D Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Thursday, September-24-2009

Hilarious tea commercial

Here's an absolutely hilarious commercial which comes from Japan. The only question that comes up in my mind, is what were they doing peeing next to each-other on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere?! :D Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Tuesday, August-25-2009

Toyama Koichi's political broadcast

When you thought you've seen it all...then there's this guy. From Japan, comes Toyama Koichi, who's message for the prefecture of Tokyo brought him 15000 votes. This guy is for real!

Big in Japan > Wednesday, August-19-2009


or...let's see if we can shock the hell out of people. Objective completed. Comments can't even describe the trailer for this movie.

Big in Japan > Monday, July-27-2009

Japanese lunch box delight

The amount of work and detail that goes into on of these lunch boxes is pretty amazing. I got to convince my girlfriend to learn to do this. Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Thursday, May-28-2009

Rubberduckzilla is not amused

A bizarre yet hilarious commercial comes to us via Japan, from the makers of Oasis. Rubber-duck-zilla rings a bell? Well...ti will from now on! Lol.

Big in Japan > Wednesday, May-20-2009

Nice game from Japan

It seems that when pepole have to conform to the same rules, they will once in a while have a need to blow out steam and do some crazy sh!t. For example this g@y video game. It's a spin off the human tetris shows in Japan. WTF?

Big in Japan > Friday, May-01-2009

Japanese Olympic Diving Team Shows Off

A cool but rather strange video of Japan's Olympic diving team showing off some moves in a robotized fashion. The end result is pretty spectacular, especially from the underwater point of view. Enjoy the show!

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