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Amazing > Tuesday, June-29-2010

Finger Painting using the iPad

Remarkable skills combined with an amazing gadget! Drawing Pad is a mobile art studio designed exclusively for the iPad.It has everything you will ever need for drawing. But still one's ability to use the iPad in such artistic ways is impressive...

Amazing > Sunday, June-27-2010

Some of the Best Soccer Tricks Ever

Do you watch every day the football world championship? Did you miss some really exciting tricks? For those who did, here are the best soccer tricks ever! Have fun!

Amazing > Saturday, June-12-2010

A dog with incredible climbing abilities

Probably not a lot of average humans out there that can do what this dog does. He is pretty impressive to say the least. Go dog! Climb that tree!

Amazing > Monday, May-10-2010

Super hydrophobic surface using nano-technology

I know you've woken up a lot of times during the night thinking what the hydrophobic surface is. Well, it is a surface that hates water. Some smart ass scientists used some kind of fancy nano-technology to develop a super-hydrophobic surface. Damn! The result is amazing!

Amazing > Wednesday, April-28-2010

Can you count the number of spiders?

I dare you try to count the number of "Daddy Longlegs" spiders in this nest. I think we need a statistician to tell us the interval of probability for the number of spiders. Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, April-28-2010

Once in a life time soccer goal

This goal seems to come straight off the Korean soccer field. It's an incredible two-man-bicycle kick that ends with a goal. Not something you will see again anytime soon, so better watch that replay again and again! Enjoy!

Amazing > Saturday, April-03-2010

Incredible motorcycle recovery

When you are good, even physical laws bend to your every whim. Here's this motorcycle race driver who apparently recovers his bike at high speed. One in a million chance. Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, February-22-2010

When a hill starts wondering around

You know it is time to bail when a whole hill starts moving around. Run Forest, run!!!

Amazing > Monday, February-15-2010

Guy pushes car out of train's way

This guy is a real hero. Putting himself in harm's way to save a stranger. If you look closely you can see that he way inches way from certain death, but luckily, the train didn't have that much speed, so he had time to get out of the way. Really fantastinc courage!

Amazing > Monday, February-08-2010

Paraglider shows off

This paraglider really does some astonishing stunts. He can do flips in mid-air, and spin towards earth. You really got to hand it to this guy for putting his neck on the line! Enjoy the show!

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