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Amazing > Tuesday, November-24-2009

San Francisco cca. 1905

Here is a great footage from San Francisco, before the great earthquake of 1906. Still amazing to see the life of those people back then, and the buildings in the area that got destroyed. Enjoy!

Amazing > Sunday, November-22-2009

What if Earth had rings like Saturn?

How would this look from the ground? The answer: simply fantastic! Enjoy!

Amazing > Sunday, November-22-2009

IL-62 landing on grass field

Here's an amazing landing from the former East Germany. The pilots are quite literally masters. They not only managed to land it on a grass field, but also in less than 1000m. W O W. Props to those guys! Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, November-11-2009

Luckiest drunk woman alive

The luckiest woman alive I would say. And the key word here is alive, as I would not believe my eyes how fast the train stopped. Amazing!

Amazing > Wednesday, October-28-2009

Water droplet in slow motion

Slow motion imagery helps us understand the physics of things around us, and also makes for some incredible footage. For example, who knew what a small water drop does when it hits water? It's fantastic! Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, October-28-2009

Definitely the perfect drift

Have a look at this guy doing a perfect drift. It's really spectacular, and I can certainly understand why the Japanese are so into this sport. Enjoy this truly fantastic drift!

Amazing > Wednesday, October-21-2009

0-300 km/h in a Nissan GTR P800 = 19.8s

This is actually a tuned up Nissan GTR by Switzer which has more than 700 bhp. According to this video it manages 100 km/h Ón 2.9 seconds, 200 km/h in just 8.4 seconds and 300 km/h in a sensational 19.81 seconds. That is the same 0-300 time as the real figure of a Bugatti Veyron. Enjoy this amazing performance!

Amazing > Monday, October-12-2009

1 million frames per second + bullets = COOL STUFF

Here's the ultimate slow motion video in my opinion. Shot at 1 million fps, it shows the impact of different kind of bullets on different surfaces, like ice, concrete, glass, and others. As a bonus there is footage of shotgun pellets hitting the target. Really amazing and cool! Enjoy!

Amazing > Thursday, October-08-2009

Electricity vs. Tree

This tree made the mistake of toughing those high voltage wires. This lead to an electric arc to be formed between the tree and the wires. This arc, eventually vaporized the tree sap and burned the tree in half. Pretty spectacular show! Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, October-05-2009

The power of a dust storm

Here's an incredible footage from Australia, taken in 2007. This is an impressive view, and it all goes completely dark when you enter it. Pretty scary I guess! Enjoy!

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