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Amazing > Wednesday, February-03-2010

a very spoiled Persian cat

Here's a lady who probably has too much free time, so she turned this room into "the cat's room". Result is a bit odd, but still cute. Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, January-25-2010

Now that is a really tight squeeze!

There are some good drivers, and then there are those drivers that take their semi trucks in the Alps, where two normal cars can almost pass each other when coming from opposite directions. Here is a video showing how good they are at what they do. Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, January-18-2010

Polar bears play with huskies

Here's a reare footage cought in the Arctic. A bunch of polar bears get very friendly with some domestic dogs. I'm simply amazed of how gentle the bears can be...although the dog may not seem as happy with the attention :) Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, January-13-2010

Chainlink extreme 4x4 offroader

Here is a nice revolutionary idea for building a 4x4 offroader that is way different than anything you might have seen so far. Props for the owner/inventer who came up with the idea and also had the courage to build it himself. Enjoy!

Amazing > Tuesday, January-05-2010

Comet passes very close to the Sun

Here's an image captured on the 3rd of January by the SOHO spacecraft. This probe is currently studying the Sun. It managed to show an incredible image of a Comet that passes extremly close to the Sun, but without crashing into it. Enjoy the short video.

Amazing > Thursday, December-17-2009

A truck in which you can live in!

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdah apparently has so much money to burn, that he built a vehicle inspired house. Bonus: the freaking house moves. It has a proper engine! It's nice to have enough money to do everything you want, isn't it? :D Enjoy!

Amazing > Monday, December-14-2009

Amazing animated optical illusions

Here are some cool / amazing optical illusions, that are done only with a drawing and a sequence of transparent and black vertical lines. So, it's pretty much similar to a flipbook animation. Enjoy!

Amazing > Thursday, December-10-2009

Dog riding on car's hood...on the highway

Here's an amazing video, but unfortunately it was shot with a phone camera: a god rides on the hood of a pick-up truck at highway speeds. Better hold on tight, and wish for no emergency brakes! Enjoy!

Amazing > Wednesday, December-02-2009

RC car takes out tooth

Here's a simply hilarious video in my opinion. The parents thought of an ingenious way to take out a tooth: have a RC car jump over a ramp (and the cat) si that on its way down, it pulls the kid's tooth out. The cat was not amused :D !

Amazing > Wednesday, November-25-2009

2012 came early this year

This video is for all the people thinking the world will end in 2012, and prefer to believe a calendar made by the Mayans (who did not have in-door plumbing, and probably didn't want to create a calendar for 5 million years) rather then the fact that a meteor can strike at any time. Enjoy the amazing show!

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