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People getting owed.

Ouch > Wednesday, May-16-2007

Failed bottle break on head

This girl tries to show off in front of the camera by breaking a beer bottle with her head. If at first she doesn't succeed, she tries again...OUCH!.

Ouch > Sunday, May-13-2007

Spectacular failed drift attempt

Some moron decided he would try a drift on an open PUBLIC road. Faced with incoming traffic (a motor bike) he crashes into the mountain and rolls it on its side. Ouch!

Ouch > Tuesday, May-01-2007

Redneck truck surfing

This guy's main quality isn't smarts for sure! How dumb can you get to do such a thing WITHOUT anyone holding the freakin' wheel. Anyway, the guy gets a face full of pavement. Enjoy.

Ouch > Monday, April-30-2007

Drunk guy gets what's coming to him

It takes a hole bunch of cops and a few cans of pepper spray to subdue this drunk guy. He seems to think he's a black Bruce Lee or somethin'.'s only one way it could've ended: with him in handcuffs.

Ouch > Friday, April-20-2007

Why would anyone do this?

You really need some brains to do this! You get two of your smartest friends to sit on a tree branch with you and then, using a saw, you cut the branch :| Guess they didn't hear about self preservation!

Ouch > Tuesday, April-17-2007

Train vs. guy on a moped

This one I found recently although it's 6 months old (I know, I'm always the last one to find out!). It answers the eternal question of what happens when a train and a moped collide! Will the train derail against the brute force of the moped, or will the moped be thrown all over the place? Find out, by watching this video!

Ouch > Sunday, April-15-2007

Never smash a can of WD40

This guy, tried to smash a can of WD40 cleaner. The hit generated by the compression of the liquid inside the can made it explode into flames, and spread burning liquid everywhere. It's a good alternative for Napalm! So...don't try this at home!

Ouch > Saturday, April-07-2007

Pole Vaulting gone wrong

Just watch the slow motion replay of this pole vaulter to see how a normal jump can go painfully wrong. Ouch!

Ouch > Thursday, March-22-2007

Extreme bike accident at 172km/h (106.87mph)

What I can understand from this Japanese video, is that the guy was trying to beat the downhill mountain bike speed record, when his bike couldn't take it, and it broke in two. Ouch! That guy is lucky to to be alive...

Ouch > Friday, February-23-2007

Why we don't rollerskate off roofs

Here's a guy thinking he can defy the rules of physics, by jumping off the roof in roller skates and not get hurt. Can you get what happens next?

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