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People getting owed.

Ouch > Monday, January-26-2009

Sukhoi Su-33 carrier crash

Probably a cable snapped when this Sukhoi Su-33 was landing, causing this crash. Luckily, the pilot ejected, as the plane went for a dive.

Ouch > Monday, January-19-2009

Human vs. Potato

Nothing's more fun like hitting a friend in the back with a potato gun. These 2 guys, apparently had nothing else better to do. To bad that the potato broke in pieces, or he would have been at the hospital right now! Enjoy!

Ouch > Friday, January-16-2009

Exercise ball FAIL!

Well, it was pretty obvious from the beginning that this was going to happen sooner rather than later. Anyway, don't try this at home! Enjoy!

Ouch > Wednesday, January-14-2009

Unlucky skateboarder

Why unlucky and not stupid? Well if you look at the post before this one you'll see that some guys have all the luck. But statistically, if one guy is very lucky, then another guy ends up like this. Ouch! He didn't think that out to the end apparently. Enjoy!

Ouch > Tuesday, December-16-2008

SUV vs. Forklift

Here's an awkward accident to explain to your insurance company: how did the forklift smash that car? Was it speeding or something? Anyway, I wouldn't want to be in the driver's seat when this happens! OUCH!

Ouch > Monday, December-15-2008

Wii Sports is dangerous for electronics

No comment on my part :)

Ouch > Thursday, December-11-2008

Semi-truck vs. Cop

This cop was lucky to escape with his life. His quick reaction time prevented his death. Anyway, this kind of dumb driving from semi-drivers gets a lot of people killed!

Ouch > Monday, December-08-2008

Rally car misses photographer

A rally car misses the photgrapher by inches. What's even more amazing, is the fact that the guy stood still, and didn't even try to make a run for it. He sat there as if he new the car wouldn't crash the concrete fence. Anyway...dramatic! Enjoy!

Ouch > Wednesday, November-26-2008

Kite tubbing FAIL!

That must've hurt. A lot! Slow motion included :)

Ouch > Thursday, October-23-2008

Red Bull Rampage

Curious what this event is? Well, it seems that a lot of crazy people gather and decide to mix downhill riding with freeride. If you get out of this alive, you are a winner. Painfully obvious! Enjoy!

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