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Big in Japan

Awesome videos straight from Japan

Big in Japan > Tuesday, July-01-2008

Japanese Coastguard kicks some smuggler butt!

Impressive ramming & boarding maneuver from the Japanese Coastguard! Wow! :)

Big in Japan > Tuesday, May-13-2008

Monkey at the bar

Nobody gives you anything for free these days. Even monkeys can't expect to receive bananas without hard work. Here's a funny video that comes from Japan, with a monkey working at the local bar! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Monday, May-12-2008

Crazy massage chair

A crazy and funny show, that comes (where else?) from Japan. It features their view on a massage chair for the real men :D! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Tuesday, April-15-2008

Human vs. Domino

Only in Japan Koreea you can see such cool game shows. I mean, they really do come with interesting and ingenious ideas, and I guess that they are a little more inventive than westerners. Really cool and hilarious! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Friday, April-11-2008

Kung-Fu bear

Found this cool video while surfing the net. Japanese bear seems to be learning Kung-Fu and having fun while doing it! :) Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Thursday, April-03-2008

Creepy robot dental patient

This creepy looking robot is Simroid which translates as Pain Girl. This high-tech robot simulates a dental patient complete with pain noises and cavities. Of course, she is controlled by a human, which gives it the chooses the proper responses from a multitude of possibilities. Creepy stuff :)

Big in Japan > Thursday, March-27-2008

Really, really, annoying alarm clock

Quick...Grab the shotgun..and shoot the f#$% out of this stupid annoying alarm clock. Damn...WTF? I'd like to have one of these for every day of the week. So when I wake up, I can smash it to pieces, and feel good all day long, for doing something good for humanity! Obviously, it's Japanasese :|

Big in Japan > Wednesday, March-19-2008

Just plain weird

I think that diversity is good. But Japanese TV takes it to weird extremes resulting in some of the strangest cartoons I've ever seen :| Enjoy the green melon song or something...

Big in Japan > Tuesday, March-18-2008

Man plays burning piano

A man decided he would light a piano on fire, and play it until there was nothing to play. Where else, but in Japan something like this could happen :) Interesting idea.

Big in Japan > Saturday, March-08-2008

Weirdest toilet I've ever seen!

Where else would you find something like this, but in Japan? I wouldn't know where to start to describe it...Clowns+toilets != Love :|

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