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Big in Japan

Awesome videos straight from Japan

Big in Japan > Tuesday, April-28-2009

Yet another brilliant TV game show from Japan

Where else but in Japan, would someone think of such a game? The goal is to propel yourself in the sledge forward, without touching what's at the end of the track. The surprise is that at the end there is a pair of boobies :D And I'm not talking about no bird either. Enjoy this one! :)

Big in Japan > Wednesday, April-08-2009

Incredible skills from a modern day Samurai

It's incredible to see what skills this modern day Samurai has: with one swoop of the sword he is able to precisely cut very small objects: a mushroom's umbrella, a pea bean cut horizontally and even a small ball bullet!! It's amazing! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Thursday, April-02-2009

Really crazy baseball pitcher

Where else but in Japan, would you find a baseball pitcher that's crazy enough to try this stunt!? Got to say that the catcher didn't even see it coming untill it was too late. That was really lame of him :D Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Monday, March-16-2009

Cat lifting competition with fish

Give some ferral cats a fish day after day, bigger and bigger. The important question posed in this video is how big a fish can a cat lift? Well, the answer is here! With action replays and all! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Thursday, March-05-2009

Conveyor sushi table camera

Somebody mounted a camera on a rotating sushi table. It's interesting to see the reaction of the different Japanese people sitting there, as the camera passes them by. Amusing and interesting. Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Wednesday, February-11-2009

Beer vending machine! Sweet!

How sweet is this? A real beer vending machine. I would travel all the way to Japan just to try this. Makes the perfect beer in my opinion. Enjoy!

This video made me thirsty :clap:

Big in Japan > Friday, January-09-2009

Water jug rocket

Here's a cool vid from a Japanese TV show. It shows you what you can do with some bottles and bicycle pump. And yes, I know that the Mythbusters busted this as fake. However, it should be noted, that pressure and water propelled rockets actually exist. Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Friday, August-22-2008

Playing soccer with binoculars

Have you tried playing soccer with binoculars? Yeah, me neither. This hilarious video from a Japanese TV show, really demonstrates why we haven't tried it before :)) Simply hilarious!!!! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Wednesday, July-23-2008

Mad freestyling skills

You've never seen freestyling like this before! This tops everything I've seen so far! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Wednesday, July-16-2008

Matrix style soccer

Here's a cool Japanese show, with some guys on the stage playing soccer, Matrix style! It looks kinda fun :)

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