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Big in Japan > Monday, January-29-2007

Glass magic trick (awesome glass trick)

Spectacular Japanese glass magic trick. The magician can pass through a glass table a coin at first and then the hole salt shaker. Although it's only a trick, it's still brilliant! Enjoy this cool glass magic trick!

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Big in Japan > Saturday, January-13-2007

Flash mob randomly chasing people

As the category says, Japanese have the best funny shows. Here's a video clip of a TV show where a flash mob chases after people at random. It's very interesting (and hilarious) to see how different people react to a flash mob made up of 100 people coming right for you. Enjoy this funny Japanese video clip.
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Big in Japan > Friday, January-05-2007

Slam dunk record video clip

Where else, but in Japan, you can see such a mad video. A guy attempts to beat the slam dunk record on Japanese TV, by jumping off a trampoline to slam dunk the basketball. Probably that it's not a qualified slam dunk record because it's from a trampoline, but it still makes a pretty good video.
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Big in Japan > Monday, January-01-2007

Japanese fish training video

Well, I couldn't believe it when I saw this Japanese fish training video clip, but it seems true. The fish have been trained in recognizing the movements of their trainer, and executing specific moves. This Japanese fish training video clip is really cool, and worth watching, so enjoy it!
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Big in Japan > Sunday, December-10-2006

Insane Japanese Pranks

I would give this a definitely 10/10. It's simply hilarious. A must see for everyone. :D

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Big in Japan > Wednesday, December-06-2006


This is among my favorite funny clips on this site. As the title says the aim of this Japanese TV contest is NOT TO LAUGH. It may seem simple, but it is harder than you think. For me it was definitely impossible ! Have fun !
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Big in Japan > Monday, December-04-2006

Slap-O-Matic 2000

Contestants must say the tongue twister or suffer the consequences. This is actually a variety show in Japan by the name of "down town" (LOL). It's apparently quite a popular over there. Enjoy (I laughed to tears)!!!
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