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Big in Japan

Awesome videos straight from Japan

Big in Japan > Friday, February-22-2008

Japanese Pepsi Commercial

Actually filmed in Hollywood...but WTF? I just don't freaking get this commercial. Maybe it makes some sense in Japan...but not to me!

Big in Japan > Saturday, February-16-2008

The amazing walking scooter

This funny video shows a crazy contraption from Japan: The walking scooter. It looks as funny as it runs. Lol. Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Monday, January-21-2008

Really cool Japanese Olympics

Well, here's a really cool video, kinda hard to describe. It's like a puppet show...only it's done with people, and is much, much cooler. You won't regret it!

Big in Japan > Friday, January-11-2008

Crazy japanese gameshow: Komodo panic

When you think of a Komodo dragon, you automatically think of a huge reptile. this case they use a more docile, younger, lizard like Komodo dragon. The catch? Stick your head in the cage with it, while having meat strapped to your forhead!!! Simply H I L A R I O U S !

Big in Japan > Tuesday, November-06-2007

Hilarious zombie game

A hilarious Japanese comedy skit, where the zombie game isn't just what you'd expect. It wouldn't be so funny, either! Watch and laugh!

Big in Japan > Thursday, August-30-2007

Hilarious Japanese show

Here's a very funny video from a Japanese show, involving 4 guys that must endure 24 hours of pain. One of those "tortures" is being locked in a gym where periodically guys in black suits keep popping up and kicking their ass (literally). There guys are fantastic, and well worth the 10 minutes! Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Sunday, August-26-2007

Some amazing scene action

A bunch of kids recreate a baseball moment (as it would be seen on TV) with 2 view angles and slow motion action. It's really a cool video! After you watch it, you might want to take a look at this one too!

Big in Japan > Tuesday, April-24-2007

Life in Japan

Here's a cool video capturing the life in Japan as it is. No props, no actors, just real life! The video itself is made by a girl originally from Canada. She spends 3 days riding around Kumamoto City in Japan on a bike and with her camera. Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Wednesday, April-11-2007

How to annoy the heck out of Japanese people

Here's a really neat way of making somebody move, especially if in your country people are used to traveling by bike. Although I can't understand a word this guy says in the video, it's still pretty funny to see everyone get out of the way like that, even on escalators. Enjoy!

Big in Japan > Wednesday, February-07-2007

Hilarious Japanese Toilet Pranks Video

Ah...what could be more entertaining than a Japanese toilet pranks video? Just not giving a rat's tail about your intimacy and putting you through an embarrassing situation, seems to be just the right recipe for a bunch of hilarious TV jokes! Enjoy this video of hilarious Japanese toilet pranks!

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